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>> good morning, everyone, it's saturday, october 27th. i'm alisyn camerota. we begin with an extreme weather center for you. it's called the nor'easter on steroids. a once in 100 year storm. and right now sandy, the super storm so s. heading up the east coast leaving death and destruction in her path. we have the latest from the fox weather center for you. >> and permission denied. new details about the terror attack in benghazi. the men on the ground ask for help and it was rejected. could four dead americans been saved? we talk to ambassador john bolton coming up next. >> plus, the latest g.d.p. report shows our nation's economy growing at a mere 2%. and that anemic growth could be because of government spending. where is the recovery? "fox & friends" begins now.
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it's ominous morning this morning as we begin to see what sandy does on the east coast. tropical storm the. >> the cold front coming from the west one monster slow moving storm so its effects can be felt for a few days. has sites set on the united states. rick reichmuth has been following sandy's path. so i get, rick, that's good news. others say it can be worse than irene. >> don't pay attention to it being downgraded. it doesn't mean anything.
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it's not really completely a tropical storm. it's going to be transitioning to what we kind of consider a nor'easter. we are accustomed to nor'easters. that kind of a event. moisture associated with a tropical storm. tropical storm holds a lot more water in the atmosphere as it transitions. that water is still going to be there radar picture showing the rain is following across parts of the carolinas. the rain is going to be heavy all day. battering waves, a lot of wind. beach erosion and that sort of thing here. go forward on the track of this storm. continues to move northeast. takes this unprecedented left-hand hook. that's where we've begin to go through a transition to a different type of a storm. people are used to hurricanes strengthening when there is warm water. this isn't going to be strengthening for those purpose purposes. snran way a nor'easter
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strengthens. european model track shows this. right around parts of jiewj. i want to point out other things on this map. isobars where you see the rings of pressure. when you get that many of them that tightly packed that's incredible wind. that goes back towards parts of ohio, back towards pennsylvania. up towards maine. still down in virginia. it's a very big big storm. and also point out, you still, because it's still going to have sturgeon associated with it tropical storm that was here you don't want to be on that right-hand side. that this kind of a scenario right here is the worse case scenario for new york city. it's going to pummel a will the of water into long island sound. a lot of water coming up into new york harbor there. that is connected by the east river. the water will come into both sides and won't have any place to go. there is potential for major flooding event in new york city. and certainly battering conditions all across long island. think about the beaches can you go to.
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think of the jersey shore here. those beaches will take a major beating as well. also a major event in new england. move forward one more and hit that map for me one more time. there you go. with.are some of the things if you are on the east side or the right side of it. that's where there will be sturgeon. heavy rain. a lot of people seeing rain for two b. two days, two and a half days of event here. we are going to be talking about power outages for likely millions. maybe 10 million people. when you get those kind of many power outages it will take a long time to get power back on. could be without power for maybe a week. today is the last day to begin your preparations. get everything stocked up in your house, get your batteries, make sure your loved ones and pets are going to be taken care of. by tomorrow afternoon we will start to see the rain move in and it will be too late and you will want to be in your house for a while. >> my husband has turned into macgyver. get the electrical tape and a tarp. >> and a box of cheese. i have no idea what that is
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about. interestingly, early voting starts today. this could effect the election. power being out for americans. the election, of course, upcoming. therefore, all polling places are required to have paper ballots as backup in case the electronic voting at these polling places go down. they have to have backup places in place. could effect a the lo of people who don't want to go out in crazy weather. >> today in the state of florida, a key state, a key battleground state in the election, we will be looking to rick and his guidance on this. i know i did yesterday my own family plan. i think we are lucky. >> i'm glad it's here. we will be listening chosely. >> we have a lot to tell you about. new details emerging about this hideous story. if your children happen to be in the room you may want to turn it the volume down right now. this is about the nanny accused of murdering two young children in the manhattan apartment. everyone in new york city is reeling from this story. police say ortega had recently
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reached out for professional help. the 50-year-old was having mental and financial trouble. police say ortega stabbed the 2 and 6-year-old to death in a bathtub. then tried to take her own life. police have not been able to question her because she is in a medically induced coma man huntington for missing inmates. believed to be dangerous. men doing time for selling drugs. anyone who sees either of these guys is asked to call 911 immediately. well, just weeks before the elections in florida. absentee ballots headed to troops overseas may have been destroyed in a plane crash. the transport plane went down air base in western afghanistan. 4700 pounds of mail were destroyed. that may have included some of those ballots. officials are resending any ballots to troops who requested one to be sure they do get the chance to vote. more trouble tore disgraced
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cyclist lance armstrong. dallas promotions company demanding that armstrong give back $2 million he sneefd bonuses for winning 7 tour de france. promotions will request the refund now that armstrong has been stripped of his titles by the u.s. doping agency and international cycling union. the letter listing the company's demands will be sent on monday. those are your headlines at this hour. >> thank you, alisyn. we are joins this morning boy special guest, ambassador john bolton joining us bright and early for important story, ambassador. great to see you this morning. >> we are getting more information as we seem to do here all the time at fox as to what it relates to what unfolded in benghazi and libya. now we are learning overnight that the u.s. consulate has told fox news that cia operatives three times had asked for help, had asked for permission to call in for backup or go into this area where chris stevens and his staff were being attacked. on two different occasions they were told to stand down and to not go in there.
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defense secretary leon panetta said we simply didn't have enough information for individuals to go into that zen. what do you make of all of this? >> we're in the stage now of conflicting explanation by the administration. we are long past the point of confusion about what happened on the terrorist side. we know it was a planned terrorist attack. this mohammed video explanation which was always foolish is out of the picture. but now the administration is saying different things. this fox report about the cia denying additional help telling its agents there to stand down was contradicted yesterday by the cia itself. so general petraeus is saying it wasn't the cia who denied the request for additional assistance, implying it was somebody at a higher level of authority. and the point you make about defense secretary panetta is also important. jason chaffets, congressman from utah said last night on the hannity show that he spoke with general carter ham, the commanding general of the after infantry -- africon.
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he said i was never asked to provide assistance. >> is general petraeus being thrown under the bus here? the cia is coming out and saying wait a minute, we were never -- we were never the ones that said to stand down. where did this come from the white house? >> that's the implicit statement that the cia is making. they are not going to say it directly. also here when you have defense secretary panetta saying that he and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff dempsey decide it's too yisk to put the troops in. general ham has been put in the position of saying one thing to congressman and different thing to panetta. >> the stories are not straight at this point, ambassador. >> yes. >> go ahead. >> the only confusion that you can draw is that the confusion comes from higher up the chain. these people would do their jobs, i believe, if they were allowed to. i think they were getting signals the white house didn't want to send additional backup. >> higher up the chain i think
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that's the issue in this case. who, in your understanding of the world and of the white house, makes the decision about whether to commit forces to protect our libyan folks? >> that is the key question. i have never worked for a president who wouldn't have made that decision himself one way or the other. >> you say the buck stoption with the president? >> absolutely. we know they were meeting in the oval office the afternoon of september 11th as they were getting the first information about the attack. yet, nothing happened outside of libya itself. >> the president says he was not personally aware of, that's his quote, for request for additional security. he said there is an infrastructure designed to deal with this he is sort of saying the state department. >> the state department. >> is that plausible. >> i think that's consistent with the idea that it's going like this. everybody is blaming somebody else. he was -- biden actually said we weren't aware of the earlier request for security enhancement. in any administration i worked for it would be all hands on deck if you were fk told that
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american facility. >> all hands on deck. let's focus on 5:00 p.m. on september 11th. the president is meeting with the vice president and the secretary of defense leon panetta. what would that does it end or does the president need to make a decision at some point about whether to commit or not commit. stew let these folks live or die. >> he has to give a signal to do whatever he can to protect them. i'm not going to guess small tactical decisions where we don't know what the facts were. if the president is saying i don't want to intervene or we have to get libyans explanations which there are other explanations that have been out there, that was a signal that was subordinates not to go in. >> we were reporting that we learned one drone overhead providing high definition video. now we know there were two drones. they had a live feed of what was unfolding at the white house. was it possible the white house is sitting there watching this fire fight
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unfolding and decided we are not going to send in additional troops. we are seeing it, it's a fire fight. it's a zone. it's hot. we don't know if we should commit individuals to this hot bed right now. >> that could well be the decision. it seems to me another point here is not looking back at this historically but looking at what decision makers knew while the events were unfolding. they could not know at that point that the consulate in benghazi would be the only point of attack. they should have been concerned about attacks on the embassy in tripoli. attacks on other diplomat facilities in the region. dedicate hundreds or thousands of americans in nonpermissive circumstances. in evidence any of that planning went on. >> final question, ambassador, when a target is laser locked like a mortar site, and there are coordinants for that what reason other than political reasons would there be not to attack that site that's attacking americans. >> that's a very important piece of information i haven't
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heard there may be reasons. that's why i think this whole thing is coming apart from the white house point of view. and why it's not explicit at this point responsibility has to be in the oval office. >> that's why the president perhaps dodged to questions about it yesterday on the campaign trail. ambassador john bolton thanks for being here this morning and providing great insight. >> the economy only grew 2% last quarter that small growth could be thanks to government spending. we have the truth behind those government numbers next. >> we will hear from the man behind it all. vote, win a gun. i'm so glad you called. thank you. we're not in london, are we?
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>> another dismal economic report drawing sharp grism mitt romney. >> last quarter our economy grew 2%. slow economy growth means slow job growth and take home pay. that's what four years of president obama's economic policies have produced. americans are ready for change, for growth, for jobs, for more take home pay and we are going to bring it to them. >> how could these latest economic reports effect president obama's' re-election efforts. jing us is john tamny. good morning. >> good morning. >> the president argues that 2% g.d.p. is better than 1.3. it's going in the right direction. of course, that doesn't tell the whole sorry. what more do voters need to know. >> what they need to know is government spending on its own
3:18 am
is an economic retardant. it actually retracts from economic growth. when you calculate g.d.p., it adds to it. so if you look at president obama's term in office, if you strip out government spending, there really hasn't been economic growth if you look through the history. the electorate usually turn out of offices presidents whose economic plans have failed like this one have. there is other school's thought which is when you are in a recession you have got to pump cash into the economy to get the wheels juiced again and everything moving again. that was certainly what president obama was trying to explain to the american public, i couldn't but, yet, it doesn't seem to have really caught fire. >> it doesn't seem to have worked. and what i would argue is that president obama's interventions like that to basically blunt the effects of the recession rob the american people of a real recovery and may have robbed him of a second term. the simple truth is that the
3:19 am
best thing governments can do during downturns is to reduce their spending burden to let that money stay in the private economy. you go back to 1920, and 1921, we had a make contraction. yet, government spending was cut from 6.4 billion to 3.3 billion and a huge boom ensued left the money to the entrepreneurs and credit the entrepreneurs not to washington. >> are you talking about what you are describing does to reflect some of the austerity measures that we have seen in some places like europe? >> i don't think so. if you look at what's happened in europe. there haven't really been spending cuts. but there have been tax increases. what i would argue is that government spending is the austerity whereby limited capital is wasted by politicians rather than reaching the private sector. so the problem is we haven't had enough of a reduction of the government footprint. and it means that president obama has his chances are much reduced going into -- on to
3:20 am
november 6th. if he had sat back and done nothing, let the economy heal itself which is all a recession is, he would be presiding over a big economic boom right now. he is to blame for his own problems. >> john tamny you are the editor of real clear thanks for giving us insight into all of this. >> thank you. >> it could come down to the swing states. what are people in ohio saying about. this we will will ask the former ohio secretary of state ken blackwell. a so-called black sheep of the family comes out of his comfort zone to discover his manhood through a gift given by his father. he shares what it means to be a man in america next. clayton, are you listening? [ laughter ] so anyway, i've been to a lot of places. you know, i've helped a lot of people save a lot of money. but today...( sfx: loud noise of large metal object hitting the ground)
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>> the all right. metropolitan, pay attention. what define as man's role in this world. next guest says it's all about the process of stepping out of comfort zone. new book details unexpected gift from his father. 12 gauge shotgun. joining us is the author of now we shall do manly things, good morning. >> good morning. >> so a shotgun was the thing that got you to realize, wait a minute, maybe i'm not a man or i need to become more of one? >> you know, i was actually having my third child, my daughter made me feel it right about the time we brought her home, my dad called me into his workshop and said i want to give you something. i was 33 years old and receiving my first gun. it was a surreal experience. but it got me thinking that that was very important moment
3:25 am
for him for some reason. so how do i make the most of it. and so i sat out on this journey to learn how to hunt. and i came away understanding my dad a whole lot more. sort of what it means to really -- >> what did you learn about your dad and yourself. >> what i learned is what we have n common is this need to step out of our lives of responsibility and routine actually get out in the natural world and this larger world of where you are nice and small and so are your problems i loves being in the woods this morning and i get it now. you talk about not just antidotes in your book but this generational divide. something that perhaps my gadd dad, your dad was a fan of being a man, getting out there with tools and doing different things with his hands why haven't v. we gotten away from that have we becomes a my one producer likes to says wouldies. >> i don't think we have. i just think the role of men
3:26 am
has changed so much in a generation. marriage is different than it was in our parent's generation certainly in our parents' generation. parent something different. a lot of men find themselves. they get up, go to work in the morning, they come home and they are with kids. they go to bed. you fall into this routine where we don't make time for ourselves at all i think men are terrible at that through the process of this book i realized you are better off spending two days by yourself every year. >> this is an interesting book in talking to people as you promote it and other men, what do they say they have done in terms of having that experience in terms of their father and grandfather and becoming a man in a not so manly world sometimes? >> a friend of mine who was i speaking with the other day became a furniture make are. something his grandfather did and his grandfather had passed away and he had inherited the tools and it sat in the corner of his garage, forever. he said i'm going to use these. he had something that was his.
3:27 am
that was just his. that he could pour sort of that creative energy into and it made a lot of difference. for me, it was i needed to go somewhere. i needed to make an appointment to go learn how to do something and i went and i learned how to shoot at ll llbean. >> how does your wife feel about it. >> she is absolutely wonderful about it. she said that when i came home from doing it i was different. i was more present. i was more attentive and i wanted to be there. >> as such she has been supportive subsequently and doing these things. >> you have been wringing wild game home for dinner. >> i'm on my own there. >> craig, the book is called and now we shall do manly things. check it out, grab it on your kendall. >> good luck with it. >> good reminder for all of u.s. men. great to he sue. >> coming up next on the show it was given your tax dollars and then it went bankrupt. another solar energy fail.
3:28 am
that's now under criminal investigation this morning. we will tell you about it straight ahead. >> vote and get a gun. this is the new promotion down south that's stirring up controversy. we will hear from the man that's running it coming up. >> craig, is that you running that? >> it is not me. [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking.
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends." sandy sounds like a nice name. sandy is anything but. let's get to rick reichmuth who is tracking this nasty storms. >> i have seen so many greece references with that storm. >> i thought that was original. >> sandra d. >> a lot of rain for a lot of people with this sometimes we talk about the coastal impacts which we are going to see from. this wind impacts. also flooding inland from this storm. these are some the model forecasts. 11 inches in towards nags head. the bulls eye of it is going to be south jersey in toward the chesapeake bay. right now the model is showing 2 inches of rain in new york city. the bulk of the moisture from the storm saying a little bit towards the south of this. it's going to vary by 50. maybe 100 miles. that is all going to change things five inches of rain from pittsburgh. five inches in buffalo. talking about a lot of inland
3:33 am
flooding here. most of the trees still have some leaves on them, at luce. those leaves will give more surface area for the wind to hit. more drag with the rain that's falling on it that's why we think some trees are going to go down and seeing power outages. there is snow side to this storm. not just rain but farther inland. take a look at this right here. areas of west virginia, southern ohio, southwestern, parts of pennsylvania. some spots might see over three feet of snow? this. that's going to be a very windy snow. likely blizzard type conditions across this area. coastal areas we are talking about all rain. too warm of an event. and we're going to be talking about possibly significant storm surges. sturgeon like we haven't seen and like we prepared for last year with hurricane irene across areas of new york city and long island. this might be that storm where that kind of a storm surge comes in devastating effect in toward the big city. guys? >> that's going to be a problem, rick, all those trees still have a little bit of leaves on them. last year snow me g.e.d. den
3:34 am
last year? >> that's what it was all the leaves on the tree. much stronger. >> i have a fancy black tie event. he he just laughed at me. >> thank you, rick for that. >> all right. meanwhile, let's get to your headlines. we have so much to tell you about this hour. the company linked to deadly meningitis outbreak apparently knew it had mold problems but did nothing to fix it according to an f.d.a. report. the company reported finding mold and bacteria in rooms that are supposed to be sterile. at least 79 timesins january. an f.d.a. investigators found vials of drugs with greenish black material growing inside. 25 people have now died and 338 people are sick since receiving contaminated steroid shots from that company. well, amid all the stories of tragedy amid the syria's capital. one story of hope.
3:35 am
emotional reunion between two 2-year-old and parents in sign press. he had been cypress. his parents thought other family members staying with them had grabbed the boy when they fled for a refugee camp. not known how long he stayed in the rubble of his damascus home before he was found by family and friends. they contacted his parents and gave them the happy news that he is alive and well. a bound solar received $400 million federal loan guarantee under president obama's green energy stimulus program in 2010. now questions have come up over whether the company knew that their panels were defective and sold them anyway or if the department knew of department of energy knew about the problems before granting them the loan. volt and win a gun?
3:36 am
well, kind of. a gun store owner in cobb county, georgia is, offering up a gun to anyone who enters his raffle. residents don't actually have to cast a ballot to enter. jay wallace has been doing this for the last two presidential elections. it's his way of encouraging people to get out and vote. >> everybody needs to be an informed voter. they need to talk amongst each other and learn and find out whatever they can. when they do go to the polls, make an informed decision. >> the give away drew criticism from some questioning whether it was even legal. the secretary of state's office says it is, since it does not require anyone to vote in order to enter. all right. those are your headlines. >> thanks, alisyn. >> you are welcome, clayton. >> still so many questions. but now we have a much clearer picture of what happened on that september 11th in benghazi. greg palkot went to the scene. has a detailed report on exactly what happened that day greg palkot.
3:37 am
>> september 11th, around 10:00 p.m. the entire safe haven, which takes up art of the first floor of the residence is black with thick smoke and fumes. ambassador stevens sean smith and david move into bedroom which has a window. they try to open it, but it doesn't help. there is too much smoke. they drop to the floor to get air. even down there they can't breathe. so they try to leave the safe haven and take their chances with the armed attackers who have taken over the u.s. compound. fighting the heat and smoke, they find another window grill they can open. this is the window that special agent jimmies open and crawls out of. stevens and smith do not crawl out after him and so even though he can barely see. barely breathe, he goes back. in in fact, he goes back in and out several times. he can't find them. and he is overcome with smoke. he struggles up a small ladder through the roof of the building and collapses who radios other agent. another agent in full combat
3:38 am
gear emerges from the tactical operation center throwing a smoke grenade to hide his movement. he goes to the small residence to get the two agents there out. the three get to a armored vehicle nearby and drive to the residence. they crawl into the residents on their hands and knees, feeling their way through the building to try to find their two colleagues. they find smith. they pull him out of the building. he is dead. remember the crack site security team is gone. small amount of security at the annex a mile away. six americans and 16 grt libyan militia arrive. some surround the compound. others go. in they are unable to find stevens. by 11:00, the libyan forces say they can no longer hold the perimeter. the american agents carrying smith's body pile into an armored vehicle and exit the main gate. they head for the annex about a mile away. the crowd fires upon them and
3:39 am
throws two grenades under their vehicle. they take the ak 47 two feet away. despite flat tires and heavy dang to vehicle they keep going. they hit more traffic in a busy benghazi neighborhood. the car can a reasons over the middle divider. burns toward over track. makes it to the annex and again hope for safety. some time after midnight back it mission looters officer the building and find the body of stevens slumped on the floor. all though they don't know who he is. they drag him out through a window. their eyes are dazed. face smoke stained. seemingly lifeless. back an annex battle again. hit the place with ak 47 fire. and rockets pro-peltd grenades. forcing those inside to retreat to it a building further back in the annex compound. sometime after 1:30 at the benghazi airport. a team of reinforcements arrives from the u.s. embassy
3:40 am
in tripoli. according to reports they were going into an ambush. this annex compound is hit by another waves of attacks. described as planned and precise. a round of mortar fire to a building set well behind this gate. that turns out to be dangerous and deadly. >> killed in that attack two security personnel glenn doherty 42 and woods 41. both former navy seals. badly injured david uben. the same man who struggled valiantly to save the lives of stevens and smith. the fighters are repeld. sensitive intelligence work tracking militants in eastern libya is secured. a decision is made to evacuate the whole enterprise. >> that was helpful from greg palkot. that was helpful for me to understand the spatial relationship between the annex and the consulate. i never had really gotten. >> some of the most harrowing haunting images i have seen in
3:41 am
a while on anything. and now fox news reported yesterday that cia operatives were told to stand down three different times when they wanted to go to the help of their colleagues. >> we'll have much more on that coming up a little bit later in the show. now in the home stretch to the election. it could all come down to some key swing states. where do voters in ohio stand? former ohio secretary of state ken blackwell here next. >> plus, call it football for freedom. they sacrificed life and limb for liberty. today, they will be honored. what you can do to help our wounded warriors coming up. integrity. if we want to improve our schools...
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>> welcome back, sandy is
3:45 am
heading for the east coast. the threat of a super storm is still high. even though the national hurricane center downgraded sandy to a tropical storm, our own rick reichmuth saying don't pay attention to that. >> many people bracing for what lies ahead. from the outer banks of north carolina, bruce, what are you seeing? >> well, so far not too bad. we always hear about the calm before the storm. and i guess that's where we are. it is breezy out here. but if you have ever been to the your banks it's pretty much always windy. the one indication that we have that there is a storm in the atlantic approaching the north carolina coast. the waves. let's show you. you can see them pounding this pier and this pier is likely to take a pretty big pounding over the next 24 to 48 hours. the waves here will likely only get rougher. they will only get worse. emergency management officials are warning of ocean and sound side flooding of three to
3:46 am
5 feet. the silver lining here, if there is one is the timing there are roughly 33,000 full-time residents. right now there are 20,000 tourists, compare that to 250,000 tourists during the summer. so right now it's a good thing that we're off season. and that at this point emergency management officials say there are no evacuation plans anticipated. back to you. >> all right. thank you for the update from there. >> all right. thanks so much, bruce. let's get it over to peter now with more. >> thanks. with less than two weeks left in the presidential election ohio continues to play a key role for the candidates as they campaign in the all important swing state. >> if you have come down with a case of romnesia, if you can't seem to remember the positions that you have taken, you don't have to worry because obama care covers preexisting conditions. >> the obama campaign is slipping because is he talking about smaller and smaller
3:47 am
things. despite the fact that america has the huge challenges and that's why on november 6th i'm counting on ohio to count for big change. >> so what are ohio voters saying? what are they thinking? joining us is former ohio secretary of state ken blackwell. good morning, ken, how are you? >> good morning, peter. doing just fine, thank you. >> great. we know how important ohio is, 18 electoral votes. seven most in the country. back in october, early october, some folks at nbc said you know maybe the romney campaign should get out of ohio. but now things seem to be neck and neck in your state. what are folks thinking there? >> it's a dead even race here in ohio. romney has closed what was a month ago an 8 or 9 point gap. and he has done it by really taking away the president's advantage with women. and as a consequence, this is a race that will be decided on
3:48 am
as governor ron any says, big issues, not just small ball that obama is playing with. and, peter, i can tell you the benghazi issue is playing big time as well as the economic growth and job creation but the leadership issue in ohio is benghazi. >> what is the leadership issue on benghazi? what do you mean by that, ken? >> well, what i mean by that is the people are questioning why he was going on comedy central, why he was, you know, worrying about contraception at a time when he and his top officials understood that he we were under attack. that's a serious leadership issue and people are starting to raise that question. the other thing is that he has underplayed women. women are concerned about issues beyond abortion and
3:49 am
reproductive rights. they are small business owners. they are concerned about the flight of capital and the difficulty of high taxation and things of that nature. so, this is an issue where it's going to come down to election day and while the republics have cob sen traited on what i call low propensity voters and democrats have tried to bank their -- tried and tested voters, this is going to come down to an election day battle. it's going to be. >> few people know ohio as well as do you. who will win ohio on election day is our final question. >> i think romney will eke it out. he has the momentum right now and because of the leadership problem that the president is facing with, i think the ground game of the republic party will be superior and he
3:50 am
will eke out. but it's it going to be, i think, within the margin of litigation. >> all right. margin of error. margin of litigation. they all go together. ken blackwell, good to see you. keep us update what's going on in ohio. >> they sacrifice life and liberty. honored on the football field. how you can help our wounded warriors next. you saw our crew wearing some of that great great stuff. this is america.
3:51 am
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3:54 am
>> welcome back. since 2009 college football teams have wore special uniforms to honor warrior project. iraqed off with 100% of the proceeds going to the wounded warriors project. >> a first respond tore ground zero following the september 11th terrorist attack. and johner win served in the army for eight years as airborne infantry men with the mission. welcome to "fox & friends." >> good morning. >> when you heard about this program and the oned warrior project is doing with college football. how did you respond? here is all of these teams getting behind what you guys are gone through in honoring our men and women in uniform. what was your response? >> it was an honor to be part of it and to know that these college teams are taking a time out from their schedules and their normal routines to honor our service and the service of our men and women over there today.
3:55 am
>> what did you think when you knew this whole stadium would be rooting for you and others who were wounded. >> and wearing these jerseys today. >> i'm honored by it it also let's us know that our soldiers are the no forgotten. and there are still people concerned about our safety and well being and supporting us. >> we honor you today. you know you represent honor and duty and country and all the things that are on the back of those jerseys. must make you feel grateful for what people have done. >> it truly does. you are coming back and transsignaturing from the military in the civilian live. you are concerned every day what that transition is going to be like. when you see things like this. it makes your sacrifice worth it. >> we honor the wounded warriors project here. these guys are just fantastic and the things that they do for our returning veterans are incredible. john, you served in the army for eight years in the
3:56 am
airborne as we talked about. with the 82nd airborne division. two tours of combat in afghanistan, one tour in iraq. wouldyou were injured by a roade bomb. what was the transition like for you coming back and what did the wounded warriors project do for you? it was tough transition. you are coming back to civilian life and giving up what for me was the last 8 years. wounded warrior project stepped in and brought back as soon as that sense of family and brotherhood something that a lot of us miss every day when you are not in that uniform anymore. >> anna, and john, we honor you thanks for bringing this to our attention. we want to let our viewers know you can go to if you want to buy any of these great jerusalemies and support the cause. thanks for coming. >> in thanks for having us. >> the to help support. thanks to them as well. more "fox & friends" in two minutes.
3:57 am
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>> good morning, everyone, it's saturday, october 27th. i'm alisyn camerota. extreme weather alert. deadly path of destruction. sandy is headed to the east coast. is it shaping up to be the perfect storm. rick reichmuth is here and tracking sandy. >> new details about the terror attack could they have been safety on september 11th. >> poor economic report for the country. mid romney says the president is only making it worse. >> in just four short years, he borrowed $6 trillion nearly, adding almost as much debt held by the public as all prior american presidents combined. >> the truth behind the numbers straight straight ahead. "fox & friends" hour two starting right now.
4:01 am
>> good morning, everyone. we do begin this hour with an extreme weather center. there is new this morning the national hurricane center has downgraded sandy to a tropical storm. don't get excited about. this the trouble is far from over. >> sandy has killed 43 people in the caribbean. take a look at some of the damage the storm has caused. pulled away from the bahamas and set its sights on the east coast of the united states of america. rick reichmuth has been following sandy's path. you said we shouldn't be concerned with the national hurricane center downgrading storm. >> you see storm and our minds we are used to hurricanes and think that's good news. this isn't really going to be a hurricane or a tropical kind of system when it hits the
4:02 am
northwest. it's more like a nor'easter. we think snow. it's not a snow event. not for the coastal areas. it's an all rain event. tropical systems have more moisture involved in them. that much more moisture with it rainfall amounts are going to be extreme for a lot of people. that's why we will see inland flooding event. satellite imagery, a large storm, doesn't look like you typically would see a tropical system necessarily. it will be undergoing this transition in into more of a regular storm that you get in this month of october. right in the short-term though we still do have a tropical storm and we have got rain across the carolina coast line. and we still are watching a track of it. we think it will continue to pull off toward the northeast. and then take this unprecedented left turn that we have never really seen before happen from a storm in october like this. and this is possibly kind of a
4:03 am
can't go farther out along the coast line. it gets piled up in here. we will cece a storm surge and the current thinking is if the center of this storm makes its way. landfall somewhere in central or south jersey. all of the jersey shoreline is going to see incredible sturgeon all of long island will see that but the concerns that we have as you head in towards manhattan are this way. long island sound, big sound and a lot of water will be pummeled in there. say 8 to 10 feet of water that moves down through the sound. and it gets down towards the end here, and the only exit it has is through the east river right here. we're also going to be sturgeon come in here towards new york harbor. that comes up from the southerly direction here. all that water gets stuck there and doesn't have any way to get out. that's why with the current
4:04 am
scenario that we're dealing with, we have big concerns for new york city that we could be having major flooding right here. if the storm tracks farther across the north and see landfall along long island. it doesn't necessarily apply. it becomes a worse story for parts of new england. either way all these beaches that people go out to long island, all the beaches to new jersey, people watch the jersey short and see those coasts, a lot of these oceans coasts are going to take a really big beating probably the likes of which they haven't seen in decades and decades, guys. >> all right. we should also mention with nine days away from election day, it's hard not to see everything through a political lens. this could certainly effect early voting. >> it's possible we won't have power on a week from now for a lot of people. in eight state like pennsylvania that i think is going to take the brunt of the rain and a elevate the power outages from.
4:05 am
this possible a lot of the people won't have power out until well after the election. >> having to deal with what they went through with hurricane irene last year and power outages that last for week. people frustrated all up and down the eastern seaboard. political pundits are going to look at this and figure out which candidate may benefit best from a power outage. and it turns out honest to god there is a story out this morning which breaks down the folks who are less likely to go out in inclement weather. it turns out it's independents. it turns out that those folks may vote for mitt romney and therefore the pundits are saying that the obama camp should hope for inclement weather. isn't that unbelievable. >> it is unbelievable actually, yes. it's incredible. i'm telling you. there is a study for everything. >> it's unbelievable. >> i want to hear more from rick later about what we should be doing to prepare for this because that's really important. i know that's something he he is focused on on in the past. >> very good. we will get that for you. let's get to your headlines right now. we have new details this
4:06 am
morning about that horrible story so haunting here in no, about this nanny accused of brutally stabbing two young children to death in the manhattan apartment. police say ortega had recently reached out for professional help. the 52-year-old was having mental and financial problems. police say she stabbed the 6 and 2-year-olds to death in the bathtub and tried to take her own life. police have not been able to question her because she is in a medically induced coma. al masri won't be seen in public with his signature hooks. he will be given to prosthetics for his missing hand. his current prosthetics irritate his arms. they don't want him wearing hooks. he is facing terror charges, including trying to set up al qaeda training camp in oregon. well, just minutes ago. polls opened in florida for earl little voting. florida said to be one of the had thely contested states in
4:07 am
threction. so far more than 900,000 people have sent in absentee ballots. other registered voters will be able to cast their ballots now through november 3rd and again on election day. john roberts will join us live from pensacola with early voting in this key swing state and who that west. the u.s. shooting down missiles in the pacific in a historic test of our defense system. let's check it out. [explosion] >> that test was done off the coast of hawaii with the help of the army, navy and air force. the military firld off five missiles and able to shoot four of them. the pentagon says it's a success. and says it will improve that system. those are your headlines. >> let's talk about this, we are getting these g.d.p. numbers and exactly what does this mean as mitt romney and president barack obama out on the campaign trail talking about the economy mitt romney
4:08 am
hitting the president on slowing g.d.p. numbers. 2% growth that's what we saw. by all accounts that sounds great. the "wall street journal" broke it down this morning. the reason we saw this 2% growth is because most of it had to do with federal spending. >> that's right. but it only sounds great in some ways because the projection was 1.8. a lot of economists say you need at least 3% to show real growth in the economy. look at where the spending really is that is reflected in this new g.d.p. federal government spending is up 10%. defense spending is up 13%. >> that's the biggest, right there, defense spending was the highest chunk of this entire thing. also farm spending. we had those big droughts this summer. so all of this federal drought aid went to farmers out there. that looks like, you know, looks like things are growing but it's actually just as a way of buffering against what the droughts that they had to deal with. >> so john from the "new york post" came out with with article that said what mitt romney did in ames, iowa on
4:09 am
thursday was possibly the most significant speech that he has given since the republic national convention because he zeroed in on the economy made people there a troubled economy is not the only thing i inherited. he also inherited the greatest nation in the history of the earth. what he inherited wasn't the only problem. what he did with what he inherited made the problem worse. in just four short years he borrowed $6 trillion nearly. adding almost as much debt held by the public as all prior american presidents combined. he forced through obama care, frightening small business from hiring new employees and adding thousands of dollars to every family's healthcare bill. he launched an aoun slot of new regulations.
4:10 am
often to the delight of the biggest banks and corporations, but to the detriment of the small growing businesses that create two thirds of our jobs. >> and he asked a simple question. where are the 9 million jobs that the president promised as a result of the stimulus? so 2 million are out of work. and he promised 9 million new jobs as a result of stimulus. >> these numbers are so astronomical that it helps to boil them down and put them in perspective as we are trying to with the g.d.p. number. can you gloss over all of these numbers and what they mean after so long in the campaign trail but according to horowitz who follows politics that's where romney found his voice in speaking there on the campaign trail. is he helping people understand the context. >> paul ryan giving important speech on poverty. really nuanced very specific speech on the case of poverty in this country and that we have lost the war on poverty. talking about the number of kids, you know, can't afford student loans dealing with
4:11 am
food stamp issues. it was a very specific speech. so you have romney and ryan out there giving very specific speeches on the state of the economy. meanwhile, you have critics who say that the president they are using sort of name calling. we heard the romnesia thing we will talk about that with governor huckabee later in the show. closing cases. only 10 more days left who is making the more effective case. >> we hear about big birds and binders of women who are jobs and romnesia. we haven't heard much about poverty from the obama white house over the last four years which is kind of interesting and disturbing in at lo of ways. >> we will debate all of this coming up. there is so much more in the show. permission denied. new details about the terror attack in benghazi. the men on the ground ask for help and they say it was rejected. could four americans have actually been saved? congressman louie gomer wants answers. is he next with us.
4:12 am
remember that amazing sky dive from outside the earth's atmosphere. now we are getting this firsthand look. this is when he went in that death spin. he wasn't sure he was going to get out of it. this is unbelievable. >> this makes me nervous. ♪ two years ago, the people of bp made a commitment to the gulf. bp has paid over twenty-three billion dollars to help those affected and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open, and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. d bp's also committed to america. we support nearly 250,000 jobs and invest more here than anywhere else. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. our commitment has never been stronger.
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4:15 am
permission denied. the men on the ground asked for help three times but it was rejected. and now the father of tyrone woods, one of the men killed, is speaking out. >> this is a whole path of lies. that's one thing as a father whose son was killed i do not appreciate lies. i do not appreciate cowardness and i too not appreciate lies. after the facts came out that
4:16 am
in realtime the white house a minute after the first bullet was fired, they watched my son. they denied his pleas for help. my son violated his orders in order to protect the lives of at least 30 people. he risked his life to be a hero. i wish that the leadership in the white house had that same level of moral courage and -- that my son play. ed over his life. >> joining us now is republic congressman from texas, louie gohmert. good morning, congressman. >> good morning, alli, it's good to talk to you. >> it's nice to talk to you you can hear how emotional is he over the loss of his son. he blames the white house. what fox news has unearthed this week is that these cia operators asked for backup three times. they asked the cia. they didn't ask the pentagon or the military. they asked the higher ups.
4:17 am
they say in the cia and their requests were denied. why would their requests have been denied? got bin laden, al qaeda is gone. all good now. we helped get a better leadership in libya. better leadership in egypt. it doesn't fit the scenario he has been painting for this election. my gosh, it's not about an election. it's about the sanctity at this time of this country and about saving those who we have a chance to save. -- fox news has done wonderful digging. when you start finding out they had eyes in the sky and knew what was happening. you have this clouds of garbage about. emails went directly to the white house. it's not a question whether
4:18 am
they got it they got it maybe the president was voting absent or voting to abstain or voting president. lives are on the line. you can't have a president that votes present. he has got to make a decision. >> congressman, so you are suggesting that the higher ups in the cia chain of command made a political decision that night when their operators were saying we need backup. we want to go. in we want to go. in we need a healthy ambassador. people in the consulate they made a political calculation at the cia that night not to send anybody? -believe david petraeus when he says they did not give such an order i do believe somebody standing beside the president made. it's too big call of a call
4:19 am
for the secretary of defense. this has to come from the white house. when you have an ambassador under attack. the equivalent of like a four star general the way the things are looked at no military member or intention officer could sit on that without getting it to the president president says he was personally unaware of any request for additional security. do you think the president knows about that level of detail at every consulate in the world? no, but he knows when an ambassador is under attack. i guarantee you. anybody that did not let the president know that ambassador was under attack should be fired. if the president really did not know, he needs to be gone. if he he has such a pitiful administration that when an ambassador, our u.s. ambassador is in harm's way being fired upon and we have eyes in the sky, watching it in realtime. we have the military
4:20 am
capability of saving that ambassador and nothing is done. house needs to be cleaned. i will tell it you what, earlier this year, secretary leon panetta had a direct call to me and he asked a favor. let me tell you, i don't have his direct number like he had to get me, secretary panetta you are "hardball" man, you served honorably. please do not end your honorable career by covering up this terrible travesty. it's a tragedy, it's a travesty. this is no way to go out, sir. please step forward with the facts and back on a political note. people keep going back there i'm more worried about the people in harm's way serving us and ridiculous rules of engagement. you want to talk about politics. look at john f. kennedy after the bay of pigs. he pulled back the air coverage. told them he would be there. he goes on tv and says my fault. >> we hear your anger.
4:21 am
>> honesty always trumps everything. >> thank you. >> thank you. as some can be life-threatening.
4:22 am
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4:24 am
>> he sored through the sky of superman, man of steel in the unforgettable classic movie. christopher reed was also a real life super hero. suffering from spinal cord industries he he worked tirelessly. his son matthew is proud to carry on that tradition. his foundation carrying on good morning. >> good morning. >> tell me about your father, one of the biggest actors, big box office far star. suffered adversity that no one would ever thought he would suffer. he became inspiration to not only people in the united states with you all around the
4:25 am
world. tell us what you know of your father. >> well, i was there to watch that transformation. i mean, he found himself in a position that he wouldn't have necessarily chosen but he chose to elm base brace it whole population really unsearched and unrepresented. >> he was quadriplegic. he was on a ventilator and couldn't breathe on his own. one in 50 americans suffers some form of paralysis mother than a million americans suffer some sort of spinal cord injury. i didn't real realize it was so prevalent. what does the organization do? how do you help people. >> those statistics can correct. 6 million people living with paralysis. 1.3 with a spinal cord injury. we raise money to fund the most cutting edge research and fund quality of life programs to make sure the people can lead meaningful and productive
4:26 am
lives. our goal is to grow. we need to continue to raise money. we need to expand a program we have for the neurorecovery networkment activity based rehabilitation program where we are seeing incredible results. 75 are walking. almost 7 a% have seen regained function and quality of life. >> walking from being paraplegics? some of them? >> some of them. every injury and every person is different. one of the difficulties with, you know, finding a cure for lack of a better word. i prefer to use the word treatment. it's not really a disease. paraplegic. incredible results and every reason to be optimistic about the future. >> this is a wonderful thing. the name of the foundation is. >> christopher and dana reed. >> dinner here in new york. we intend to raise some money. >> yep. >> you have a team reed that's going to run the marathon. >> yes, good luck to them. >> following in your father's
4:27 am
footsteps and success in your own right as well. thank you so much for doing. this thanks for doing this it's. >> thanks for having me. >> coming up, ceos across the country calling on congress to do something about the staggering federal deficit. up next, we are going to hear from the ceo of checkers. plus, it's national potato day. we'll be celebrating with that our own dave briggs is live in detroit. i love how we say potato day and then dave briggs potato head pops up. he is live at the world series. hi, dave. >> i was waiting for your segway between potato day. hey, clayton the series has visit shifted from here to city. recent history says no it will not. we will tell you why after the break it is freezing cold here. we're back in a minute.
4:28 am
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call lifelock right now and try 60 days of identity theft protection risk-free. 60 days risk-free! use promo code: onguard. order now, and get this document shredder, a $29 value, free! call or go online now. [♪...] >> welcome back. thanks for joining us on this important weekend. we are staring down the barrel of a gun. it's called a super storm. rick reichmuth is here with us to tell us the late sexual offense on sandy. >> all kinds of adjectives to describe this thing, right, rick? >> sure. that's a super storm. people have said franken
4:32 am
storm. whatever with that one. this a storm right now. we'll likely strengthen. tropical storm/hurricane, doesn't matter not going to be strengthening under the typical things that make tropical storm strengthen. going be through a typical mid sigh lone. more what we do in october, more over land. more of a nor'easter event. tropical conditions still across coastal areas of the carolinas. taking a look at the future radar of what happens with this storm over the next couple of days. by tomorrow morning we are dealing with a lot of rain out across the outer banks and rain starting in d.c. go in towards tomorrow afternoon, or excuse me in towards monday morning and the snow starts to fall on the back side of this in across parts of the mountains in towards central appear labor shah we will see the rain move across the entire manhattan, northeast, much of the great lakes. cold air will be coming down and pretty significant snow is going to start to fall here. might see a snowflake or two in toward d.c. by the time this dison. heaviest accumulating snow is
4:33 am
back in towards the mountains and central appalachians. parts of tennessee, maybe south carolina. and then very heavy snow across the mountains of west virginia and parts of pennsylvania. some areas here, guys, might see 3 to 4 feet of snow. that's going to make so many of those trees go down and power outages. power outages from this and pour outages from the prolonged wind event we are going to be dealing with as well. guys. >> yikes. three to four feet of rain and snow? >> we will get out to dave briggs. rick was telling me 45 degrees tonight for game time. bundle up. >> and peter johnson jr. is in for dave briggs. appreciate that glen meanwhile, get to the rest of your headlines. the teenager who confessed to kidnapping and murdering jessica ridgeway might have tried to abduct children before. police want to question 17-year-old austin sigg in two unsolved cases in september where a man allegedly tried to
4:34 am
lure two boys about the same age of jessica into a car. both cases happened in the same town where jessica's body was found. the description is similar to the suspect but not an exact match. well, more than 300 million stimulus dollars went towards greens job training. a new government report finds the program has failed to put people back to work. the report finds the training only helped about 38% of participants find new energy jobs. of those people, only 16% held a job poor more than six months. not only that about half of the participants already worked in the green energy industry and did not even need the training. we're getting an amazing firsthand look today at that sky dive from outside the earth's atmosphere. let's look. this is what it looks and sounds like, peter, 24 miles above the earth. in this is saidio taken from the space suit of that dare devil felix bomb --
4:35 am
baumgardner. can you see him spiraling out of control. he reached speeds of 338 miles per hour. becoming the first human to break the speed of sound. >> i don't hear anything. the only screen is coming from me as i watch this. >> is he casual. >> all right, rick. nice to see. >> you it all worked out, shockingly. those are your headlines. >> we're just 24 hours -- just hours away from game three of the 2012 world series where i understand from rick is going to be 45 degrees tonight. the san francisco giants took game two. 2 to 0. now in detroit with momentum on their side. >> our own dave briggs is live from comerica park in detroit with all the buzz in the stadium. how is it, dave? >> hey, dave. freezing cold, guys. i miss you. i miss you right now. i really do. i miss the alisyn camerota
4:36 am
tropical temperatures. right now it's about 40. it's windy, it's cold and it will be as you said tonight. just one network inside comerica park in detroit this morning. so pretty cool. really just one chance, i think, to get back in this series for the whole time tigers. 14 of the last 15 and 8 teams in a row took a 2-0 lead in the world series went on to win it all. that's why momentum is all on the side of the giants. they arrived here after 5:00 p.m. last night coming straight to the ballpark. they worked down here under the lights. one thing they really hit you about this team they are very loose, very relaxed. they're always laughing. making fun of each other, joking. that seems to be the mentality of bruce's ball club. >> it's great to have a lead. i would much prefer having a lead than the other way. i think any club would say that again that's a number. that's all that.
4:37 am
>> we had a great group of guys. unique chemicals. they allow us to kind of be ourselves and we have fun with it. >> they are a dangerous team over there we know that every guy in that locker room knows that. so we have got to just keep playing the way we have been. keep playing our brand of baseball. >> as for the tigers, they took a red eye straight out after thursday night's game working out here in the early afternoon at the stadium. they are certainly not panicking but much more of a business-like atmosphere around detroit. that comes from their skipper as well. a classic one of a kind guy. 67-year-old jim leyland. >> i think i can simplify this one pretty easy. the way i look at it, we're two games back with five to play. but we're playing the team we need to catch. and i think that's the best way to approach it. >> that's one of those things in baseball you just can't
4:38 am
really explain. you know, obviously we feel good about going into tomorrow's game. our backs are against the wall so we have to win. it's a one game at a time. >> and this certainly is a beautiful ballpark here. it will be filled with had 41,000 screaming and freezing fans. but it is not the ballpark that makes the tigers a vastly better team at home. you might be surprised what they say makes them better here in detroit. we're going to have some baseball history about the greatest player in tigers history at 8:30. i hope can you figure this one out. the game time 8:00 eastern time tonight on the fox broadcast network. back to you guys in that warm studio. >> see if you can send me hints. while i'm jealous of you, you should be jealous of me because you are missing a meat segment this morning. we will get to that this
4:39 am
morning. some of the top ceos are calling for action in washington to reduce our federal deficit. when it comes to being fiscally sound. what can our government learn from business leaders? here now to weigh in is the ceo of checkers, of the company we were just talking about rick, nice to see you. what a set up you out v. out here. >> perfect morning, burgers sizzling on the grill i love this. >> my own dave briggs will be sad he had to miss this. tell us about this because all of these ceos coming together as a business community coming together to try to figure out how to solve this fiscal problem. our nation's debt. they see it as a stranglehold on growth in this country. one of the ceos doing and what can they do to try to solve this problem? >> first of all, i'm in great favor of it. the reality is we need to sound fiscal policy in this country. greatest country in the world. we have got to get back on track. getting this economy healthy again. part of that is reducing the deficit. i'm very much in favor of it.
4:40 am
for our business, our business is all about growth. our franchise sees make investments as they move forward. if they realize a strong economy, healthy economy, help build jobs, that's what all business people are looking for. >> i have talked to a lot of business owners past few years on this show and otherwise, they said they are tired with both parties. both parties have spent like drunken sailors and got us into this mess. and neither party has reduced the size of government in 50 years. no one has done it since the 1950s. what is does the business community want government to started doing. >> i think we all have to come together. i don't think it's just about government. all ofs have you to come together and make tough decisions. just the way we want to manage our business. the way you manage your personal finances we have to balance our budget. you can't spend more than we take in. we wouldn't be here selling businesses. >> our franchise cease are business owners every day they wake up. they find ways to make sure they run a healthy business. that makes sure they are spending only what comes. in but i think we're on the
4:41 am
right track eventually. i think everybody realizes how important this is and i think that we will all come together and solve this. >> so, today, we like to celebrate these kind of holidays here on "fox & friends." any time we can eat we like to do it. today is national potato day. i was struck to find that your fries are your number one seller. this is something near and dear to your heart. >> everyone knows checkers fries best in the world. plain, loaded with bacon and cheese outstanding. we sell 300,000 orders of fries every single day. >> wow. >> that's growing. because we are adding restaurants every year. almost adding a restaurant every week. we will grow 30 new restaurants this year. next year almost 60 new restaurants. one of the reasons we are growing so fast because we have used exciting growth opportunity. in fact, even in markets like new york, every major market, new york, we only have i bet you will be surprised by. this all of new jersey, new york, we only have 50 restaurants. so we have huge opportunity for growth. you will see us over the next three years grow.
4:42 am
so, 300,000 orders of fries. we will will grow dramatically. when we meet next year selling a lot more fries. >> go out and go to a local checkers restaurant help support made in america checkers restaurant. today is national potato day. i'm going to do my part this morning. peter, i'm going to bring you some fries inside. our thanks to rick and our folks to checkers this morning. alli and peter, i will will bring you fries? i will eat the fries. i need the fries. [ applause ] going to take a box? >> that's great. permission denied. new details about the terror attack in benghazi. the men on the ground asked for help and it was rejected. could the lives of four americans have been saved? we asked the former head of the cias bin laden unit next. and president obama plans to get the economy back on track by spending more and raising taxes. but, could his plan actually put us on the track to
4:43 am
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let the good hands people give you great protection and a great rate. call your local allstate agent now for a fe quote or find one at 888-allstate. that's 888-allstate. >> request denied. fox news has learned that the white house officials denied three urgent from military backup during the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi that left four americans dead. cia operatives were told to stand down when they asked for permission to assist ambassador chris stevens and his staff. so how does the administration's response gel with the cia operative's duty to rapidly respond in times of crises? here to weigh in on this is michael shur former head of the cia's bin laden unit. good morning, michael. >> good morning, sir. >> now we have the president yesterday saying he doesn't know what happened on the day of september 11th when four americans died. is that a credible statement? and would the president have been making the decisions
4:47 am
about whether or not to intervene on behalf the four americans that died? >> yes. there is so much power has accumulated to the power the of the united states that neither the military nor the cia would act without consulting the white house. unfortunately, but that's the case. it's very clear, i think at least from, at least my experience within the government, is that the white house told the pentagon, told the cia no military intervention here. that was -- they can sign those people to death that's not very clear to me except their scenario was libya was going to be a good democratic country and the farthest thing from the truth. so, it's just not credible that the president was not personally involved in this. >> more and more evidence is coming out now, fox news has reported as we discussed, that three requests for help were denied. and that cia operatives went in to the battle anyway and lost their lives as a result
4:48 am
of it. we have any evidence at this point in terms of what the president was doing at 5:00 on that day? with secretary of defense and the vice president? did he go to the situation room? did he he give orders and why don't we know whether he did or not 45 days after? >> you know, i don't know the answer to that, sir, except that there is such a web of contradictions and perhaps lies involved in this that he has just got to avoid it for the next 10 days. he has got to stay on letterman and go on comedy central. that's the kind of things that he needs because people love him there. this is not something that the president would have to come to. it came to the president. that's the way this works. as soon as something came in to the white house situation room, it was taken in paper form or as an oral briefing. at least to the chief of staff of the president. immediately. this is not something that gets stuck in an inbox or in
4:49 am
somebody's file folder getting ready for them to read. this is a situation where they go and address the situation immeeldz i can't tellly. it's an ambassador in trouble. >> it seems mr. shur, that now the cia and department of defense and different generals are giving different stories as to what happened on that day. make a decision whether they live or die on that battle ground. >> i think it does. whether or not we could have saved them is really a separate he question. i think we could have but that's just one guy's opinion. this went directly to the president. that's the way it works in the united states. and maybe he had to get out of the white house to go to lig or whatever it was and he didn't want to deal with the problem. but there is no way to get around this being directly the responsibility of the president and the president decided for whatever reason
4:50 am
that those four people were going to -- they were on their own, sir. the cavalry wasn't coming. >> last question, is that a political decision? , it's a cowardly decision. it's a decision that's necessary if you are going to be president of the united states. your job is first and foremost to protect americans and their interests. this is clearly a case where the president was derelict. >> michael sher, we are going to leave it there we have a hard break. let us know what your thoughts are going forward. >> yes, sir. >> another report on the economy only grew 2% last quarter that could be thanks to government spending. the truth behind the numbers coming up next on "fox & friends." and these come together, one thing you can depend on is that these will come together. delicious and wholesome. some combinations were just meant to be.
4:51 am
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>> welcome back. we are less than two weeks away from one of the most historic -- excuse me let me say that again. presidential elections in our history. both candidates pushing to get the derailed economy back on track. critics say if president obama is reelected his plan to slash defense, spend more and raise taxes could eventually bankrupt our economy. so could this really happen? take that question to it moore. writer for the "wall street journal." author of the who is the fairest of them all. he joins us this morning, nice to see. >> you high, clayton, great to be with you. what would happen given the new numbers we saw just last quarter of 2% growth. what would the president's new plan do in the future? ifings thinking about this last night when i first came to washington 25 years ago. we had a budget of a little he
4:55 am
is will than a trillion dollars. no you we are at 4 trillion. national debt about 2 trillion. now we are at 16 trillion. the numbers have been going in the wrong direction for a very long time. now, here is the problem. if if you look at president obama's budget, what is he first alert forecasting is about 800 billion to a trillion dollars a year more deficits every year for the next 10 years. in other words, the titanic is headed right to that iceberg without any kind of change of course. so, you asked the question could we go bankrupt? well, we're getting perilously close to that point. when you have a debt this big and you don't have the income to support it if this were a private company, you might consider this company to be bankrupt. >> we also talked about that 2% growth last quarter. some people saying hey, that's great news. only predicted to be 1.8%. "wall street journal," your paper this morning, the front page basically saying look, it's thanks to a lot more government spending.
4:56 am
>> isn't it funny how that happens before an election where you have a burst of government spending to make the g.d.p. look artificially large. i looked at those numbers too, clayton. what i found is that if you take out all the burst of government spending that happened in the weeks just before the election, the real g.d.p. growth was closer to about 1.4, 1.5%. if we survive 1.5% growth path there, no way the government is going to produce the number of jobs and revenue we need to it balance this budget or get anywhere close. >> i think there is going to be a correction. we had artificial blimp up. it's not going to be a very healthy number. that's going to make it very difficult for barack obama to be reelected if he gets a bad number in a week. >> his book is who the fairest of them all. stephen moore, always great to see you with your analysis. >> i hope you safe some of
4:57 am
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>> good morning, everyone. it's saturday, october 27th. i'm alisyn camerota. here is what is happening at this hour. we start with an extreme weather center. batten down the hatches. this could get ugly. residents all up and down the east coast are preparing for sandy the nor'easter after she carved a path through the caribbean. why it is shaping up to be a monster storm. >> on this saturday morning, another benghazi bombshell, fox news has learned that multiple requests for help were denied during the deadly consulate attack. and now there is word that senate hearings on libya won't be held until after the election. governor mike huckabee is here to weigh in on the suspicious timing of that. >> and what's going on in the sunshine state? residents there getting letters that warn if you vote, you will go to jail. the chairman of florida's republic party got one in the mail. he is here condemning what he says is a scam. and the fbi is looking into
5:01 am
it. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. >> all right. it's a busy news day here. we begin with with an extreme weather center. new this morning, hurricane sandy has been downgraded to a tropical storm but don't let that fool you. this is still a potentially disastrous and deadly storm. >> absolutely right. alli. sandy has already torn through the caribbean killing 43 people. take a look at some of the damage the storm has already caused. it's pulled away from the bahamas. and now sights are set on the east coast. >> rick reichmuth has been falling sandy's path and has the very latest. >> those pictures out of cuba and haiti are scary. >> they are. >> cuba is really well equipped to handle hurricanes because ever the way they are poised they spend a lot of money to be able to it do that when you see that kind of damage in cuba, worse they have had in seven years.
5:02 am
now the storm targeting the middle atlantic right now by tomorrow and monday. it's the northeast. let me take you through the time line though, today from around charleston all the way up towards the outer banks. rain and winds 20 to 35 miles per hour. gusting maybe up towards 50 at times today. especially overnight tonight. it will be very windy out across parts of the outer banks. in fact i think we might see hurricane force winds at times tonight. by tomorrow, this moves up toward the northeast throughout the day. the rain increases by the afternoon and evening. it will be up in towards new york city and parts of connecticut. winds getting to around 40 miles per hour for everybody by tomorrow afternoon. and we'll begin to see that beach erosion. move into the day on monday. and this is when everything is really going to fall apart. especially across the coastal areas here. winds actually, i think they are going to be higher than that 45 on monday. probably be up to 60 or so. major coastal flooding. i think we are going to start then to see the real significant sturgeon move in
5:03 am
towards parts of jersey and long island. so, those are the beaches that are going to take the big battering. winds gusting to 75 miles per hour by tuesday as well. and then by monday into tuesday, we will start to see heavy, heavyweight snow pile up across. 3 to 4 feet in some of these areas. take a look what the impacts are. coastal flooding significant. jersey shore, long island i think probably taking the brunt of that. beach damage all the way up towards maine. it's a really long duration event. 4 to 8 inches, widespread rain for pretty much everybody there. 10 inches in isolated area. that will cause flgd. in about 48 hours of high winds, guys. that's going to cause some trees and power lines to go down that i think we will see pour outages for millions and millions. take likely weeks, maybe up to two weeks to get all that power back for everybody. very long duration event. make your preparations today. kind of the last day to get out there and get all the things you might need to make it through the next number of weeks, possibly. >> rick reichmuth, thanks.
5:04 am
14 days, that's two weeks, what happens in 10 days? election day. right? so a lot of polling places already having backup ballots in place. that's something they are required to do. paper ballots, instead of electronic balloting in case power is out. it could hinder voter turnout. >> early voting. >> it starts this morning. >> we want to get to your headlines right now. rick was talking about the storm and sand. that will be following for you all morning. in the meantime we do have new details right now on this horrible story about the nanny here in new york city accused of brutally murdering two young children in a manhattan apartment. police say ortega had recently reached out for professional help. the 50-year-old apparently was having mental and financial troubles. police say he are a telling go stabbed the 6 and 2-year-old to death in the bathtub and then tried to take her own life. police have not been able to question her because she is he in a medically induced coma.
5:05 am
that story has gripped new york city. we will bring you details when we have them. manhunt underway for two inmates that escaped from a prison in california. it's not known how these two got out. prison guards realized they were missing during a night check. they are believed to be dangerous. men were doing time for selling drugs. anyone who sees them is asked to immediately call 911. more trouble for disgraced cyclist lance armstrong. dallas promotional company demanding that armstrong give back as much as $12 million that he received in bonuses for winning seven tour de france race. fca promotion also request that that refund now that armstrong has been stripped of his title by the u.s. doping agency and the international cycling union. a letter listing the company's demands will be sent on monday. those are your headlines. >> thanks, alli. well, we are getting more information out of libya this morning. and the u.s. con schiewt now telling fox news that cia operatives had asked for on three different occasions help to go in and to try to rescue
5:06 am
the ambassador, the embattled individuals there at the consulate building as that information was unfolding. and on two different occasions, while they were radioing back to get the approval they were told to stand down and not go in. >> these were ours sos to discussed this with jennifer griffin. the government has denied that this in fact happened. although she has stood by her sources, her strong reliable sources on that story. >> we want to bring in governor mike huckabee now from little rock to talk about all of this. governor, why would these operators, cia operators who wanted to go in and save lives be told to stand down? >> you know, it's the most amazing story. let me just say that our fox news team, jennifer rosen, catherine herridge, james rosen and many others have done yeomen's work on getting this story out. the fact is that there is a conflict in these guys. they know they are to obey orders. the other thing they are trained to do one thing, and that's respond to an emergency and go into it here they are
5:07 am
ready to go and save lives. help people, secure a compound at the consulate and he they are told to stand down. these are questions that deserve an answer. i spoke with lindsey graham yesterday on my radio show. he he has written repeated letters and has been ignored to ignore the requests the official request of any united states senator is unconscionable. americans have to know what really happened. we're not getting answers. >> yeah, the senators had asked for videotape. the videotapes be released, of course, what happened in there and also information as to who knew what and when. that's what darrell issa has been asking for. president obama was asked about this yesterday on a kusa interview. and here is how the president responded to this latest information. >> were the americans under attack at the consulate in benghazi libya denied requests for help during that attack and is it fair to tell americans that what happened is under investigation and we will all find out after the election? >> well, look, the election
5:08 am
has nothing to do with four brave americans getting killed and us wanting to find out exactly what happened. these are folks who served under me that i had sent to some very dangerous places. known wants to find -- nobody want to find out more than what i do. these are our folks. we are going to find out exactly what happened. what we're goodsing will to do is make sure that we are identifying those who carried out these terrible attacks. >> governor, did you hear an answer from the president there? he also said in that interview, quote, nobody wants to find out what happened more than i do. this is 45 days later. would anyone know more about what happened in the white house on that day and how they responded than the president of the united states? >> well, there is several questions, peter. when did the president actually get notified? at what time of day or night? what did he do? did he go back to sleep? why didn't he cancel his las vegas fundraiser and all of his activities? why did he trot out in the rose garden and say something that we now know is
5:09 am
fundamentally untrue? why did his administration through susan rice, jay carney, the secretary of state hillary clinton and the president himself continue for 17 days to say something that they knew, peter, they knew was not true. and why? why on earth have we continued to ignore situation videotape drone flying overhead. why was there no attempt to send in some kind of rescue, diversionary tactic its. these are simple questions that layman can ask. i think it's one of the most embarrassing chapters of u.s. history. there are lives. -- there are lies, there are coverups. unlike bill clinton and monica lewenski, there are four dead americans as a result. we absolutely deserve an answer. it's not about the election. i wish this weren't happening so close to an election. because it is easy to say this is just election year politics. this is not. this is the -- really the
5:10 am
integrity of the united states government on the line. >> governor, why do we have to wait until after the election to have these hearings? >> well, because i think there is a good reason the white house doesn't want all the time line, all of the information as to who knew what and when did they know it. this goes back to the classic question that was asked during the watergate hearings that i remember so vividly. what did the president know and when did he know it? those are the simple questions that we need answers to. >> well, you choose your words carefully, governor, i have watched you for many years and always been a great fan of your stewardship as a public servant. what you said about the president's stewardship in office in terms of history, that's quite incredible. i mean, you put this in a category that is unique and really unprecedented, especially when comparing it to other so-called impeachable offenses that may have been committed by other presidents in the past. >> i have made these comments very carefully. i have made them with calculation. i was the first person, to my knowledge, that ever said we
5:11 am
were lied to and there has been a coverup. and i have stuck by that story and so far not one thing has con throw fighted what i have said from the very beginning. the reason i said in this became obvious this was not about a video. this was not a mob. this was clearly something that was a very targeted attack. catherine herridge is on my show this weekend with some, i think, startling revelations about the details of the attack and the emails that were traveling back and forth in realtime during the nine hours of attack that reveal information that i have not heard before. and i am convinced that at some point senators even democratic senators cannot ignore this. f their credibility isand simply out the window. >> governor huckabee is going to stick around. we will talk about some other issues this morning. including. this the president promising to end petty politics in 2008. now, his campaign is one doing some name calling.
5:12 am
you heard him out on the campaign trail. is he becoming the man he campaigned against in 2008? >> given your tax dollars and it went bankrupt. another solar energy failing. that's under criminal investigation now. we have these details for you ahead. ely. but because of business people like you, things are beginning to get rolling. and regions is here to help. making it easier with the expertise and service to keep those wheels turning. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward. so switch to regions. and let's get going. together.
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5:15 am
>> let me tell you what you don't deserve. you don't deserve a bunch of name-calling. you don't deserve a bunch of mud lining. >> my mother taught me if you don't have anything good to say about anybody, you just shouldn't say anything. that's part of the politics we have got to change. the politics of insult who goes around spending all their time insulting each other. >> that was president obama back in 2008. is he now changing his
5:16 am
strategy as he seeks a second term. has he resulted to name calling? let's bring back in governor mike huckabee. governor huckabee, you know, the people who voted for barack obama in 2008 were excited by his promise to stop the name-calling. toll straight the discussion. that it was going to be a post partisan presidency. so, why now is he back to resorting to calling names and mudslinging? he said it right four years ago desperate politicians do that he is a desperate politician trying to hold on to a job for i don't think deserves to not only because of national security and american obligation to its own warriors and intelligence people. but there is another, i think, bigger reason. he has just forgotten what he said four years ago. my dad, he was talking about what his mother told him. my dad told me something too when i grew up. son, if you tell the truth, you don't have to remember what you said the next time you are asked about it, just
5:17 am
tell the truth and then you can repeat the same story and you never have to remember i wanted to believe him four years ago. good politics ought to be vertical not who are zodged it not not be left, right, democrat, conservative, republic. it ought to be up or down. have we gotten better or worse. he has gone from vertical politician four years ago talking about things getting better to being extreme horizontal position now everything is left right, left, right, conservative, me, them, us against them. it's appalling. >> he has called specifically, you know, romnesia was the name thrown around last week. a liar, i mean, the list goes on and on for the names and the things that have been called of governor romney do you buy the narrative from the romney campaign. when they saw mitt romney at that first debate all of those criticisms and name calling, calling him an extremist all summer and the millions of
5:18 am
dollars of ads they played across the country that now once he got out there on that stage during that first debate he shattered all of those alewises? >> that's obvious that's what's happened. look what happened in the women's vote. florida 19 point swing across the nation. a 16 point swing where now romney is polling even with women. well, that was the big deficit that he had. now women see mitt romney and they say you know what? everything they told me about this guy that's just not true. i have now watched him in three debates. is he not the monster that he was painted out to be by his opponents. i think that's why you are seeing the trend with romney. the wind is too his back. and i think we are going to see mitt romney win it election. i don't believe the landslide some are predicted. he wins the election because the trends are reversed. barack obama i think is out of gas and out of ideas. mitt romney is coming across as somebody who would handle a crises with competence. >> we understand you will be
5:19 am
making news with libyan emails. anything else we should be watching on the show tonight, governor. >> there is, peter. we have the father of the young man andy long killed in the little rock shooting at the recruiting station. and the father of the person who did the shooting. it's a remarkable thing. we have them together. they both say the united states government will not talk to them and even though both of them say that the shooting was terrorist-related. it's just absolutely remarkable. >> all right, governor, we will be tuning into that. you can catch governor huckabee's show tonight on fox news channel. >> coming up on the show, president obama still pushing his class warfare message. >> governor romney has a perspective that says if we cut taxes, skew toward the wealthy and roll back regulations that we'll be better off. >> so how much worse off are the middle and lower class compared to 10 years ago.
5:20 am
is the class warfare message falls, we'll dive into that. >> if you vote can you go to jail. that's a threatening letter some florida residents and a lot of republicans, including the chairman of florida's republic party are getting. he joins us next on this troubling case of fraud at the polls. 4g lte is the fastest.
5:21 am
so, which supeast 4g lte service would yochoose, based on this chart ? don't rush into it, i'm not looking for the fastest answer. obviously verizon. okay, i have a different chart. going that way, does that make a difference ? look at verizon. it's so much more than the other ones. so what if we just changed the format altogether ? isn't that the exact same thing ? it's pretty clear. still sticking with verizon. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
5:22 am
5:23 am
>> president obama has been trying to drive home the class warfare message during some of his campaign speeches. >> governor romney has a perspective that says if we cut taxes, skew toward the wealthy and roll back regulations that we'll be better off. it is not possible to come up with enough deductions and loopholes that only effect
5:24 am
high income individuals to avoid either raising the deficit or burdening the middle class. >> so how much worse off are the middle and lower classes today compared to 10 years ago? joining us now is american enterprise institute senior fellow kevin has set. also an advisor for the romney campaign. good morning, kevin. >> good morning, alisyn, how is it going? >> it's going well. let's talk about the bottom, the poorest people here in the united states. there is a feeling that the lowest quarter of our country things have gotten worse for them. you say that's not necessarily the whole picture. >> that's right. we finished a study that looks at what's going on for welfare for everybody in the income re description. a good study. the president and elizabeth warren and the democrats have been trying to divide us with very misleading statistics that attack america and don't characterize the system that weigh built. that what they do is talk
5:25 am
about income inequality. definition of income is income for texas, before transfers, before the safety net. they are throwing out all of the things that society built to protect poor people. what we did is put all those things back in and said well, what's been going on once you account for all of that? good news is the welfare of people at the bottom going up the same as people at the top. >> we showed you a full screen that illustrated that for the lowest, the poorest people that their income went up by 14%, much like the top fifth of the country. also by 14%. but what some economists would argue, and certainly those on the left would say, kevin, is that income doesn't exactly translate to wealth in this country. as you know, i know so many economists in the past couple of years have pointed out now the top 1% of our country has more wealth accumulated than the bottom 90% of america.
5:26 am
is that a workable model. >> there is a big difference of wealth. if you are worried about the welfare middle class poor people. the people you want to focus in on is consumption. how are they doing? do they have enough food on the table and houses okay? what you would like to do ask yourself the question how are americans doing walk into their house, look around and see what kind of stuff they have and what kind of things that they consume. that's really what we were able to do in our study which drew on this really cool database that the department of energy has where they survey feel everything about their homes. we found there has been a big increase in the last decade in the percentage of americans. even those belong the poverty line. houses six or more rooms that have air airconditioning, that have a washer and dryer. fully 75% or so of americans below the poverty line have a cell phone. third of them have access to the internet through. this the notion we have this society that's not delivering at all for anybody, a society that is only there for the
5:27 am
very very top. americans show even americans in this difficult time have been getting better off every year. the reason they have been doing this is safety net we need to be sure to defend. we need to have debate about what the true data say. democrats are pointing to the change in income without accounting for the safety net. are if you are going to say is this a fair society. you should evaluate the safety net. >> sounds like the safety net is working we need to talk about how we want that work. kevin, thanks so much for coming in with your perspective. >> thanks. >> all right. coming up. moments ago, sandy just regained hurricane strength. packing 75 mile-per-hour winds and super storm is now headed up the east coast. rick reichmuth is back with a look at what we can expect in the next couple of days. and vote and get a gun. this is at new promotion down south. it's stirring up controversy. we'll hear from the man who running this promotion coming up. plus, dave briggs last a preview of tonight's big game. dave, what you have got? >> i have gone deep this time,
5:28 am
alli. we are way out here in left field. we are going to give you more specific on comerica park and tell you why home field advantage does matter so much for this detroit tigers team. is it the fans or something far more basic in the answer after the break. in america tay we're running out of a vital resource we need to compete on the global stage. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university, we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone is ready with the know-how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at ♪ [ male announcer ] it started long ago. the joy of giving something everything you've got.
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends" on this saturday
5:32 am
morning. as we brace for hurricane sandy along the eastern seaboard rick reichmuth is tracking ever changing manifestations it changed again. >> back to a hurricane again. impacts are going to be the same. guys, i just have had a little bit of a twitter conversation going on with somebody in south dakota who was saying we get 60 mile-per-hour winds here all the time. you guys are pansies for thinking this is such a big deal. well, if you live in south dakota, you don't have nearly the amount of trees that we have here nor the amount of people who are going to be impacted by this. so,. >> tell them. >> you are used to that wind with all due respect. you get those winds and that is what happens there. you don't have the trees that get knocked over and knocking down power lines. that's what's going to be happening to 50 or 60 million people in the path of this storm and i cannily millions and millions of those people in and around the mid-atlantic and northeast are going to be without power for a long time. that's why we talk about so much in this area. it's impacting some of these people.
5:33 am
have you been asking what people need to do to prepare. first thing you need to do. you have got to get this done today and with the start of the day tomorrow. then it's a little bit too late. but get everything out from your yard, anything that can blow away. trim your branches that might possibly blow down and cause damage to your cars or your houses. then you need to stock up. get your batteries, get your flashlights, get drinking and cooking water. some sort of non-perishable food items. anything that your pets might need and be prepared that you might be without power for a week or a little bit longer than that you might not be able to have your cell phone working in that time. have some way to communicate with people. also. be prepared for that. check in with your neighborhoods. a lot of people have l. have to evacuate for this and make sure everybody is aware of what is going on and have the ability to get out. this is what we are expecting for the winds right here. where you see these middle shade of blue. those are winds 30 plus. go into the dark blue and that's winds 50 plus. so, by monday morning, we are talking about winds that are in the 50 mile-per-hour range at least all across the mid-atlantic in towards the
5:34 am
northeast. that goes all day long on monday. winds will gust at times over hurricane strength but take a look at this. we are back in towards michigan and ohio where we have got winds 50 miles plus all the way into tuesday. that's from maine down through still into the deep south that we're talking at least 30 mile-per-hour winds. people far-reaching from this storm are going to be getting the very very big impacts. today we start with it precursor of it again winds up to 35 miles per hour. gusting a little bit stronger and so. rains starting today. tomorrow begins to be the main event and monday and tuesday big problems. >> rick, just very quickly. the reason they're likening this to the perfect storm that that movie was based on and the book is because there will be a confluence of many storms all coming together? >> yeah. exactly. you started off where all of that tropical moisture. it doesn't say a tropical storm. it strengthens from systems that generally we see storms like nor'easter storms. combination of the two energy, in essence from the two of
5:35 am
those storms. unlike what we had last year with hurricane irene that is a traditional hurricane, strongest storm, winds at the center of the storm coming on shore. this becomes a very large broad storm, so it doesn't just impact the small area becomes a storm where the strongest winds extend out hundreds and hundreds of miles from the center of the storm. >> and thanks for those great tips, too very help. >> peter is on it. >> thanks so much. let's get to the rest of your headlines. have to tell you more of what is happening today because an arrest has been made in connection with deadly shooting in california. police say 30-year-old jade douglas harris walked into a business wednesday morning looking for a camaro that he saw on craigslist. that's what he shot three employees killing two of them and injuring one. he forced a mother and son to drive to their home where the camaro was parked. harris shot the mother who was protecting son and shot the teenager in the arm and drove off. the teenager is expected to survive. harris has a long history of
5:36 am
violence and he is now facing murder charges. >> well, the company linked to the deadly meningitis outbreak apparently knew it had mold problems but it did nothing to fix them. according to f.d.a. report the company reported finding mold and bacteria in rooms that are supposed to be sterile at least 79 times since january. f.d.a. investigators found vials of greenish black material growing inside of them. 25 people have died and 338 people are sick since receiving contaminated steroid shots from the company. well, another bankrupt solar company that received taxpayer support is now under investigation by congress. and colorado's district attorney. a bound solar received $400 million federal loan guarantee under president obama's green energy stimulus program in 2010. but now questions have come up over whether the company knew that their panels were defective and sold them any way or if the department of energy knew about the problems before granting the loan.
5:37 am
voted and win a gun. sort of. a store owner in cobb county georgia is offering up a handgun and rifle to anyone who wins his raffle. raffle for rifle. don't have to cast a ballot to enter the drawing. jay wallace has been doing this for the last two presidential elections. his way of encouraging people to get out to vote. everybody needs to be an informed voter. they need to talk amongst each other and learn find out whatever they can when they do get informed make a decision. >> the secretary of state's office says it is since it does in the require anyone to vote in order to enter. 11:00 a.m. few hours away of he game three 2012 world series, took game two, two to nothing and in detroit with momentum on their side.
5:38 am
>> are you trying to do sports right now? >> i don't know. dave briggs is live from comerica park in detroit with a look at the beautiful field what we can expect tonight. are you ready warm and bundled up, 45 degrees despite what the stadium may look like is going to be there. >> freezing. say it won't effect them. they are used to playing in the cold. no big deal. clayton, i hope you have your iphone out. you have got to ask serrie if tie cob held the all time hits record. he wore what number during his hall of fame career. ask sirri, i will will give you the answer in a minute. as for recent history, if there is one thing on the side of the tigers hometown advantage. best in the bigs. comerica park 12 more games
5:39 am
than on the road. is it all about the home fans, the 41,000 screaming people here or is it something we can all really relate to? >> i think you always feel more comfortable in your own bed. i don't think there is any question about that. to me, it's the ability to be able to concentrate and relax. you have to have that combination in situations like this. >> i think, you know, one of the biggest things why teams play better at home. team allows you to have confidence and definitely helps when people are not, you know, yelling that you suck. [ laughter ] it's hard to argue with that part of it. but every guy i spoke to said it's their own bed. their own home, their own routine. not hesitately the stadium. back to the trivia question. we asked you what number ty cobb wore during his hall of
5:40 am
fame career. the answer it's a trick question. ty cobb played in the 1910s and 1920s before major league baseball players wore any number. that's why his name looks so strange up against all the others in tigers history. coming up at 9:30 eastern. another great tigers legend pitcher jack morris who has four world series rings. he will tell us what it is like to pitch on the big stage. game three tonight from detroit. 8:00 eastern time on the fox broadcast network. beautiful stadium here. clayton, did you get the trivia question right? >> i prefer the kind of trivia questions, dave, where you ask them and then you also provide your own answers. >> we thought you were going to embarrass clayton. there was an opportunity there for that. >> google answered it. >> did you know it? >> did i not know that but google answered it for me. >> sirri, dave did not answer it it sirri said to clayton i do not see ty cobb in your contacts. >> which i thought was odd because i call ty on a regular
5:41 am
basis. >> live from do maker can a park ahead of the world series tonight. >> made time for theview. jay leno and mtv. 10 days to go before the election is this the best way for president obama to pick up votes? bogus letters targeting some crucial voters in the state of florida. the chairman of the party there joins us next on what he thinks is behind the fraud. that the fbi is now looking into. think you can't get great auto insurance coverage
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ask your doctor if including advair could help improve your lung function. get your first full prescription free and save on refills at >> extreme weather alert for you now. just a moments ago sandy strengthened back to a hurricane after being downgraded to a tropical storm earlier this morning. we are following its path of
5:45 am
destruction as the storm has already killed 43 people in the caribbean and is now heading towards the east coast. wofl steve gillbalk is in florida. the area has been pounded with rain and winds. how is it looking? >> well, the winds have actually calmed down here on the coast. we do have that tropical storm warning in effect here on the east coast of florida. a sign of what is to come a little further into the the carolinas. want to show you the waves. they are impressive out here on the world's most famous beach coming up to the sea wall here this morning. hour and a half after high tide. the main concern is beach erosion. if you look all the way down at the end of the pier. those waves are breaking a good 20 feet there are a lot of people out taking a good look this morning. the wind is going to be the big issue here on the florida coast. as sandy moves off, the big issue is going to be the beach erosion here. we are already losing a lot of sand just below our feet on the coast here. and they do expect some moderate dune erosion as well.
5:46 am
we will will be watching it here along the coast just a sign of things to come a little bit later today up north. reporting live on daytona beach, steve, back to you. >> steve, thanks so much. those waves do look threatening. we do appreciate the update. let's go over to peter. >> thanks, alli. >> hi, let's go over to peter now. >> hi. let's go over to peter now. >> some voters are getting mysterious letters in the mail claiming they might not be eligible to vote and could face jail time if they do actually vote. our next guest received one of these letters. he is the chairman of the republic party in the sunshine state. joining us now from jacksonville, florida is lenny curry. good morning, mr. curry, how are you? >> good morning, good to be with you. i'm well. thank you. >> thank you. what is this about? a bunch of republicans in your state have received these official-looking letters postmarked from the state of washington from seattle. now the fbi is investigating. what's going on with this? these letters -- let's see what they say. a nonregistered voter who
5:47 am
casts a vote in the state of florida may be subject to arrest, imprisonment and/or other criminal sanctions. so folks are being threatened if they vote and they don't send some phony piece of paper in. what's this about? >> that's right. we started getting these reports at the beginning of the week. i was actually down in boca raton for the debate. we got news elected officials and republic donors and republic elected officials had received the letters. we were waiting to see how wide and deep it was as we were preparing our response. i got back in jacksonville in the middle of the week for a brief moment before i got back on the road again. stopped by my business office which i spend very little time at these days given it's the election receivable. started to go threw my mail. i had one as well suggesting that i was identified as a potential noncitizen. so far it looks like republic donors, republic elected officials. we have reports of some democrats. it doesn't appear to be that widespread. the message is anybody that's registered to vote if they get
5:48 am
any letter, any message that is trying to intimidate them or keep them from showing up to vote. little voting starts today on election day. ignore it and go vot>> this is e sending out a letter like this. voter suppression federal laws bring to a five year prison term for that. we appreciate what you are doing here because i think you are trying to be nonpartisan about this. is that what you are doing? this is not a political witch, right? >> that's right. everybody that's registered to vote should go vote on election day. this is a right that mani' people paid the ultimate sacrifice for. and, you know, that's why we're in the silly season. the last couple weeks of the election where the political operatives are pulling all kind of stunts. whoever would pull this what a real. >> i know the fbi is investigating. mr. curry, i know florida early morning begins today
5:49 am
good luck to you and all campaigns. good to see i. >> thank you. always a pleasure. >> thank you. the president touting economic plan on the campaign trail. hitting cities with some of the highest unemployment in the country. but, does he have the answer to get people back to work? all 23 million, we're going to ask karl rove about this at the top of the hour. then, leno, letterman, "the view," and now mtv. are these the interviews the president should be doing right now? the great jonah goldberg takes a closer look about what this is all about. everyone has goals. take the steps to reach yours, with us with real advice, for real goals. the us bank wealth management advisor can help you. every step of the way. from big steps, to little steps. since 1863 we've helped guide our clients, so they can take the steps to help grow,
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5:53 am
>> i hope every young person who is listening, don't believe this idea that your vote does not matter. in 2000, in gore vs. bush, 537 votes changed the direction of history. in a profound way. and the same thing could happen here. so, -- >> so are the chat shows and mtv the best way to appeal to voters. this is not a good sign to team obama. joining us to explain editor at large editor jonah goldberg. great to see you this morning. >> great to be here. >> what's wrong with this idea of going on mtv and holding these town halls, think of bill clinton did that back in the day. trying to appeal to some these voters in that final stretch. going on the view. going on letterman. going on leno for people who might be otherwise tuned out to politics? well, and that sort of gets to the point right there. right? social scientists call a lot of these people low information voters. what they don't mention is that below low information voters is another group called
5:54 am
morons. and what obama is essentially doing is he is going after people who get virtually all of their political information from the daily show, or some morning d.j. or not at all. what he is trying to do is appeal to people not because of his economic plan or anything like that but as a cultural phenomenon vote for me because it's cool and hip to vote for me. i personally think that if that's your best sales pitch then you really don't have a sales pitch. you are not trying to sell any substance. moreover, he is ignoring the mainstream media as much as possible. he won't give a press conference and won't talk to the press and talk about benghazi disaster. and what he is trying to do is go -- trying to rekindle that youth vote turnout that he had in 2008 and he desperately needs basically low information voters. that's one of the reasons why he has become so condescending, so sneerg, so smug because that passes off as a confident argument in the sort of daily show culture where you just mock things and it sounds -- well, if you are
5:55 am
mocking it, then you must be smarter that be the person you are mocking. a lot of young kids pick up on that and think it's a serious argument when it is not. >> other side though critics look he went on the daily show where it was going to be a laugh fest the other day and jon stewart gave him tough questions about benghazi and libya and we got some actual information and news of course the headline about not being optimal situation the loss of four americans there. >> yeah, look, i mean jon stewart is the best of the non-journalist news outlets and that he does occasionally ask tough questions. i mean, saying that he he is the most serious of the comedy show hosts is not a huge compliment. it's like the best oktoberfest in orlando. or the best gas station sushi in alabama. he asks some serious question. i'm sure obama was mispleased to be asked serious question on those shows. overall strategy like this new ad comparing voting for the first time to losing your
5:56 am
virginity these are desperate plays by a campaign that basically wants to argue on cultural terms and appeal to least informed voters most emotional voters rather than making a coherent case defending his own record and defending what he might do in the second term. >> do you think that youth voters come out and vote anywhere near the same capacity that they did in 2008. this closing 10 day argument from the obama camp will they do that. >> it's unconceivable. i don't say this -- just the numbers are were so huge in 2008, to repeat that seems almost impossible. johnson that goldberg thanks. >> thanks. >> i would love to try that sushi. sounds delicious. sandy regaining hurricane strength a short time ago. the very latest as it tracks up the east coast. plus carl rove will break out his white board and tell us what to expect in the next 10 days. there is carl rove joining us at the top of the hour. 4g lte is the fastest.
5:57 am
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5:59 am
so, which supeast 4g lte service would yochoose, based on this chart ? don't rush into it, i'm not looking for the fastest answer. obviously verizon. okay, i have a different chart. going that way, does that make a difference ? look at verizon. it's so much more than the other ones. so what if we just changed the format altogether ? isn't that the exact same thing ? it's pretty clear. still sticking with verizon. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
6:00 am
>> good morning, everyone, it's saturday, october 27th, i'm alisyn camerota. an extreme weather alert. called a nor'easter on steroids. a once over one hundred year storm and just in the the past hour, sandy regained hurricane strength. it's headed up the east coast, leaving death and destruction in her path. we have the latest from the fox weather center. >> and elections down to the key states. and early voting in the state has officially begun. >> and see if the weather is affecting any of the turnout there. ten days out from the election and so as the candidates campaign in full force, which states will actually make it or break it? karl rove knows a thing or two about math and electoral maps and abacuses he uses to calculate all of this. he's a brilliant guy. "fox & friends" hour four
6:01 am
starts right now. he's going to join us with his abacus. ♪ >> good morning, everybody, obviously, very big news weekend. we are so close to the election and we'll be talking a lot about politics, but our top story is what's going to happen along the east coast and following sandy's path of destruction after being downgraded briefly to a tropical storm this morning, sandy has now regained hurricane strength and was reported 75 mile per hour winds, and speeds up to 100 miles from the storm's epicenter. >> and sandy has torn through the caribbean, killing 43 people there. take a look at damage the storm has caused and pulled away from the bahamas and now its sights are set on the east coast of the united states. >> rick reichmuth has been tracking sandy and joins us with the latest, hey, rick. >> it has more time to
6:02 am
strengthen in that tropical-- the waters are warm along the gulf stream, around 5 degrees higher than typically this time of year. and water is warm enough to strengthsen and the ult the mat strengthening from a different process it's going to go through and it will strengthen rapidly, last you remember, we had hurricane irene and it was a weakened storm and it's a strengthening storm as it makes landfall and that's going to have a very big impact and different impacts. and winds here are up to around 40 miles per hour at this point and kind of the same thing you saw in florida with eroding beaches and rough surf, but the track becomes very interesting and it's going to curve back here towards the west and eventually make landfall somewhere around here, maybe up to roanoke island and it will be such a big storm. the winds are going to be big for everybody and the rain a big impact and power outages from the downed trees and a lot of coastal erosion and
6:03 am
inland flooding. however, wherever it does make landfall there's going to be a storm surge scenario. the and if it makes landfall here around central jersey or south jersey potentially kind of a worse case scenario for areas like new york city and long island. on the right side of where it crosses there's going to be significant storm surge and the way the land is here, kind of l-shaped the water will come in here and it doesn't have any place to escape. in addition to that, you have a lot of water coming down the long island sound and 10 foot storm surge coming down that sound and gets into a narrow space and doesn't have anyplace to go except the east river on the east side of manhattan. at the same time you have water coming here towards the manhattan harbor also being pushed up. so water doesn't have any place to go and that's why areas of manhattan and some of the other boroughs have potential storm surge flooding. and we did see evacuations
6:04 am
last year during hurricane irene and possible in manhattan, subway systems towards new york city area, but for a lot of people we're going to have major coastal flooding and big problems across the area beaches from jersey to maine and long island. four to eight inches of rain widespread and plus for some people and causing flooding. but because we're going to have winds for 48 hours, very, very high and the trees still have leaves, a lot of trees down and power outages and when you have a lot of power outages, takes a long time to get all of those people back into having power, guys. >> thanks, rick. >> clayton: a buddy down now in miami-dade county sent a video from the hotel balcony and the wind whipping like crazy and florida voters can get out and start early voting and both candidates spent a lot vying for votes and a hotly contested state in this election. . >> dave: john roberts joins us live from pensacola, florida.
6:05 am
>> reporter: yeah, they love them some early voting here in the sunshine state. eight days of it starting today, but true to florida form there's a little bit after quirk in the election. the quirk, in addition to voting for your slate of candidates there are 11 amendments, under the law there's no limit to the length of the question so the ballot is fully 8 printed pages from beginning to end. when you look at the history of florida voting, republicans seem to have it on the absentee ballot side and democrats have it on the in-person voting side. debby wasserman schultz, the mantra, get out now. and other states that have early voting, everybody is claiming advantage and obama campaign says it's up. the republican mitt romney campaign says no. and anytime you hear about early voting and who is ahead it's based on a poll and nobody looks at the early
6:06 am
voting ballots or absentee ballots and b, based 0 and tiny sample of people who say they've early voting. an interest statistic. fully 35 to 40% of people, voters that is are expected to vote early in this election, now, to the campaign trail. of governor romneays the most important speech he's given since tampa, hitting on two themes, a sunny, reaganesque style of optimism where the country could go under a romney presidency and on the other hand, a stinging indictment of the president president's-- >> the president's campaign falls short of the magnitude of these times and the presidency of the last four years has fallen far short of the promises of his last
6:07 am
campaign. four years ago, america voted for a post-partisan president, but they've seen the most partisan of political presidents and a washington in gridlock because of it. >> now, as far as the president goes, he's been pretty much the week after the last debate making fun of governor romney, calling him names, if you will and having to answer for some of that, in particular, an interview that he did with noted presidential historian douglas brinkley for rolling stone magazine in which he called governor romney and i'll be sensitive with this, a bull s-er. >> this was a conversation after an interview, a casual conversation with a reporter and the basic point that i have been talking about throughout the campaign, if people know what i mean and they i mean what i say and
6:08 am
what i care about, who i'm fighting for. >> now, the president was also asked twice in that same interview whether personnel in benghazi were denied assistance. both times he was asked he ducked the question, didn't take it head on and instead what he said was he hopes that a thorough investigation will finally figure out what happened there. >> alisyn: john roberts, thanks so much. >> clayton: as john was speaking 9:05 eastern time the obama camp sending out text messages letting them know that florida early voting starts now and it links to the link. >> alisyn: starting it. >> clayton: starting today. >> alisyn: we want to bring in karl rove, former chief advisor to george w. bush. nice to see you long time. doing well. you're going to help us look at the electoral college and we hear it's about ohio can't make it to the white house without winning ohio.
6:09 am
>> there are other ways, but in order to get to ohio first, you have to get to three and then two. the three states that you have to get to before you get to ohio are florida, north carolina, and-- are indiana, north carolina and virginia, three historically republican states that president obama won and then you've got to win florida, which has 29 electoral college votes, you get those four states, indiana nobody considers to be a battle ground, if romney gets the three states, florida, north carolina, virginia, then he's set up for, you know, going to ohio, those three states look pretty good. north carolina out of contention, florida looks pretty good. you know, florida four years ago, they had the ballot requests four years ago in florida, the democrats had a 7 point advantage, 45% of the absentee ballot requests, 37 for republicans-- 46-37. this time the republicans have a 6 point on the absentee
6:10 am
ballot request. a shift. and i think that florida and north carolina are likely to be in governor romney's camp. >> clayton: let's go to map number two, this is fascinating. colorado and iowa, vice-president biden head today greeley, which is a republican strong hold, and a latino votes and president obama visiting iowa, sources say he loved and really wants to win iowa, what's going to happen there? >> and these two states are nip and tuck and the polling shows these states very, very close, iowa has been the recipient of more than any per capita spending by the obama campaign, the democrats had a 2 point advantage in the absentee ballot request, in colorado and this time the republican.
6:11 am
pretty big swing. iowa they've had a machine for the absentee, 18 point advantage, somewhat larger, this time around a 13 point advantage which looks more like it was in 2000 and 2004, bush 0 won it in 2004, narrowly lost the state in 2000 so the republicans have done a much better job on the absentee ballot requests. >> let's go to nevada, new hampshire and wisconsin, and what is your wisdom, why are they important? >> all three are in contention and movement. paul ryan, the vice-presidential nominee from wisconsin, vice-presidential nominees generally don't have a national impact, but political science literature 2 to 3% in their states. wisconsin was close in 2000 and 2004. it was won by al gore by 5500 votes and it was won by john kerry by 11,000 votes and both of those are significantly less, 2 to 3% of the vote so
6:12 am
paul ryan has an effect in wisconsin sort of like 2000, 2004. could make the difference, late movement in nevada both candidates have been going there, and president obama has not been able to get 50 or above on a consistent basis, it's essentially, 48, 46, 47, 47 race on a good day for romney. in new hampshire, next-door neighbor, bush won new hampshire in 2000 and lost it in 2004 in part because new hampshiritis were comfortable from the next door state, john kerry. >> clayton: and ohio, the president has been there 22 times and romney upwards, more that that, what do you think about ohio. >> here is an interesting white board for you to look at. i thinkoee is dead even, it's a very close race. take a look the at the absentee ballot request, four years ago, 33% came from people who participated in the democratic primaries and 19%
6:13 am
for republicans, this time around 29 from people who participated in the democratic primaries in the past and 23 from republicans. you went from having a 14 point advantage to having an 8 point advantage in the early vote in a state that democrats carried by 4. not only that, look at this. 57% of the people who the democrats who requested absentee ballot voted in none, one or two of the last four elections, these are sporadic voters, 43% of the democratic absentee ballot request three or four of the elections going to vote no matter what. republicans, 72% of the absentee ballot requests, voted in none, one or two. that's an important number. >> alisyn: karl, stick around, and the president's campaign stops and soaring unemployment. we'll show you that next, be back with karl.
6:14 am
6:15 am
6:16 am
6:17 am
icht >> welcome back, everyone, is there a link between president obama's recent campaign stops and the city with the highest unemployment in the country? karl rove joins us again. the president hasn't been shying away from going to cities that have to have been in the past week to davenport, iowa, 7.2%, denver, colorado, 7.7% unemployment. los angeles, 10.2, look at las vegas, 12.3% unemployment and tampa, florida, 9.0. so, what do you make of that connection between where he's visiting? >> well, look, you have a difference of the places that the candidates stop. sure, mitt romney goes to cincinnati and defiance, ohio not too many people have heard of. president obama's going to the big cities because the big cities have more democrats in them. more democrats, more african-americans, more latinos, more lbig city mayors
6:18 am
who support him and get out the vote strategies. and a lot of places with high unemployment. las vegas he helped get the high employment telling people don't bring your conventions and business meetings to las vegas, this is more a focus on democrats and african-americans and latinos than it is on, you know, high unemployment. >> dave: carl, there's been talk about lowering the course of the presidential debate and now an interview by the president in which he hurls a charge at mitt romney that he's a bull s-er. what's that about? and why is the president engaging in that language? >> first of all, it's part and parcel of a larger one. remember the president says the other day says mitt romney has third stage rom-nesia. and senior advisor called him a liar. what's interesting about the
6:19 am
rolling stone interview lives in austin, where i live, teaches at rice, friendly obviously to obama, as he's leaving the room says to him. i asked my son what kind of question i should ask you, tell the president he can do it. now, the president some would say thanks, together we can do it as a country or awfully nice of your son instead he calls romney a bs-er, must be mad at romney or the hail mary pass. >> is that the hail mary pass? we heard clinton earlier, sorry we're out of time, karl, we appreciate it. >> alisyn: that was going to be really good. >> it was going to be a great question and i had an equally good answer. >> there we go see you next week, karl. >> alisyn: coming up we'll talk about women and the women's vote and why president obama appears to be some rooting for him. we'll talk to mayor mia love next. so, what happens if i'm in an accident and need to get my car fixed? progressive makes it easy, because we give you choices.
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6:23 am
>> mitt romney appears to be closing the gap with women voters. let's take a look at the latest virginia poll. obama-biden at 49%, and september 53 e.r.s and romne romney-ryan 43%, they were at 41%. and what do women want it hear, mia love joins us, hello, mayor. >> hello. how are you. >> alisyn: what do you think has allowed for the women's support. >> i've talked before, mitt romney is absolutely in love with his wife, a devoted father, a successful
6:24 am
businessman, i mean, he knows exactly what he needs to do to get our economy back on track. we saw it during the debates. he was leaps and bounds over barack obama when it came to the economy. so, i think the that's what's shifting and under barack obama we've talked to teachers and entrepreneurs and mothers and their lives aren't better. women have gone from better than 7.8% unemployment. and just, we know there's a clear choice who is going to make this better for us. >> alisyn: you brought up the debates. it seemed as though women were focused on the debates, but it was the second debate and it's itt romney now has more support because what i've heard women say is that debate they thought that both candidates were sort of overly aggressive. the body language of both candidates, while they were confronting each other and close to each other on the stage made women nervous and seems as though mitt romney now has been beneficiary of some of these debates.
6:25 am
>> if we're looking at the issues, and the issues that directly affect women, mitt romney has clearly won in all three. when we talk about the issues. and the issues that really affect what's going on in our lives. >> and mayor, you also talk about you started why women like mitt romney. you said that he's in love with his wife, he's a dedicated father, can't the same be said of president obama? >> well, you know, you talk about ann romney and you talk about, you know, listen to her talk about her husband, you see that he's an incredibly wonderful father and to add to that he's a successful businessman, it's the entire package and i think that's what we're missing. we're missing the success that we can bring to the american economy. >> alisyn: and mayor mia love, we appreciate you coming in with your perspective. and again, you're the saratoga springs mayor and congressional candidate of
6:26 am
ut utah, great talking to you. >> thank you. >> alisyn: hurricane sandy is leaving destruction up and down the coast. and headed our way, and rick reichmuth is tracking its every move. hopefully it won't rain on your halloween parade. if you need some ideas, we've got some right after this. ♪ the monster party... ♪ ♪ says it mahelp lower cholesterol, how does it work? you just he to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands?
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>> welcome back, all eyes on sandy this morning. look at the video into the news room, pounding north carolina, there we go. after a brief downgrade to a tropical storm this morning. and sandy has strengthened back to a hurricane, which reported 75 mile per hour winds being felt up to 100 miles from the storm. >> in the caribbean, 43 people, say the storm is headed to the east coast. what's the latest, rick. >> rick: the 100 mile per hour winds extend out a hundred miles out from the center of the storm, it's not completely tropical and beginning to expand that wind field as we expect to see it happen. this graphic, wait until you see that, winds over 30 miles per hour and darker blue over 50 miles per hour.
6:31 am
50 miles per hour the outer banks, 60, 70 prieps, by tomorrow afternoon we're going to-- everybody here in the dark blue is going to see at least 30 mile per hour winds all the way down across even parts of the central gulf coast. toward the day on monday, 50 miles per hour winds for many people across the northeast and this means massive power outages, and the wind side, there's going to be significant rain for a lot of people as well. take a look what some of the models are showing, 10 and 11 inches on the out ear banks and go to the cities on thes the coast, 4 inches in new york city and six in philadelphia and the rain extends farther towards the western part and no maybe three to four feet when we're done with this across the mountains of west virginia. >> alisyn: thank you. we have a fox news alert. police in indonesia arrested 11 people suspected of planning a terror attack against a range of targets, including the u.s. embassy in
6:32 am
jakarta, police found bombs and explosive materials. no word how close they are to be carried out. casey anthony's defamation trial to be set in january. and the lawyers want to change venue and filed paper work saying she won't be able to have a fair trial in orange county, florida, the local media outlets have not moved on since she was acquitted of murdering her daughter. and south carolina residents brought in this morning, secret service detected a security breach an international hacker at the south carolina department of revenue and tax return information was stolen from as far back as 1998, a staggering 3.6 million social security numbers have been compromised and nearly 400,000 credit and debit card numbers are at risk they say. residents have been urged to check to see whether you've been affected. if so, you're eligible for a free year of security
6:33 am
protection. >> tonight is pivotal game three of the world series and tigers down two games to zero, will they respond? dave briggs is live from comerica park in detroit and certainly knows all about the world series, former detroit tigers pitcher, jack morris. >> dave: jack morris knows all about the world series, won, and 1984 for the tigers. and jack, good to see you this morning. >> thank you. >> dave: 14 of the last 15 teams have taken a 2-0 lead in the world series won it all. recent history and momentum is on the side of the giants. is this thing over? >> i don't think it's over. i know that the tigers have dug themselves a nice deep hole. there's light and they have to climb back up and see it. it's one of the deals when momentum is a huge thing when you play a short series, seven games is considered a long series, but got their work cut out. >> dave: shocking to see cabrera and fielder two
6:34 am
combined hits for two of the best hitters in the game. talking to the tigers, they talk about home team advantage, and they're great here. mediocre on the road. they haven't lost here in the post season. how important is post season advantage. >> most important, the first run. they need to get the crowd involved. and putting one. cabrera, they're not going to pitch to him. anybody in baseball, don't let the best guy beat you, and prince is going to have do his thing and the rest. >> and sleeping in their own beds and routines, i got the hand warmer here, because it's now warming up into the mid 40's, but tonight down into the low 40's, cold and windy, how big a factor will that be, you pitched here and won a world series here. >> only two guys that have any kind of body heat are the pitchers, moving around and constantly, trying to exert
6:35 am
some energy, the other guys are going to get cold and can't wait to get back in the dugout. when you're pitching like that, you don't want your teammates to stand around long, kind after good formula, anyway. >> dave: final question, personally, your hall of fame candidate, your support from 30 to 60% in the last decade. how important is it for you to get in and do you feel the tide is turning. >> certainly, you know, it's a hon huge honor in baseball and highest honor you can get. i've been through the process and i'll wait it out and see what happens. >> dave: jack morris fur time word series champion and game three, zoey deschanel is throwing out the first pitch and children in unserved community. should ab great one tonight. >> we'll be looking for you, too, in the stands.
6:36 am
do we want to watch something that will make us feel really, really good. >> halloween is around the corner, are you ready to take your ghosts and goblins trick-or-treating? we've got great costume ideas even for your four-legged friends. joining us is lori. >> thank you for having me. >> clayton: let's get the kids out here, let's start with darth vader. >> our first cuty is baby jack, eight weeks old, our tiny darth vader, this is from wal-mart, $16 for babies this young, it's a unzy with booties and helmet. >> darth vader is asleep. >> he's not showing off the dark side. >> clayton: thank you, darth vader, that's adorable. >> next is lillian, our beautiful and enchanting cinderella, what little girl doesn't want to be a princess on hollywood. this is from the disney store, it's about $34, and she's got
6:37 am
glamorous glitter and a head piece and shoes. >> and the shoes, oh, yeah, love that. >> and the hit of the ball. >> clayton: that's cinderella. thank you, cinderella. >> yes. >> clayton: up next, this is one of my son's already favorite. >> boys love this. this is aj, and he is the super cool race car. lightning mcqueen from the cars movie. who doesn't love the "cars" movies. about $44. >> clayton: can you drive a car yet? >> and this lights up. aj has little lights on here, fun trick-or-treating. thank you, lightning mcqueen from the "cars" moving. >> clayton: looking for the cars. oh, this is my son's favorite, ironman, get out here. >> from the avengers, let's show everybody how cool your costume it. how do you feel, good. >> this is from wal-mart. whole thing is under ten bucks. >> it's great for families on a budget. and look at the abs. >> look the at the muscles.
6:38 am
>> comes with the muscles, too and see the hand, i know the ironman character. >> he's ready for trick-or-treating. thank you, jamieson. >> clayton: thank you, ironman and oh, spider girl. >> exactly, our female super hero the not just for boys. this is emma and she's our spider girl and this is from party city. it's about $40. and her spider themed dress and glittery mask important to conceal her identity. >> when you're fighting crime you don't want to hurt those closest to you. how do you feel about that, do you like that? she likes being spider girl. thanks, spider girl. >> next is owe bolivia, this is called bat to the bone. a girly twist on the traditional bat costume, a great dress and wings of course, the bat ears. from party city, $30 and some tights and warmer and she's good to go. >> this is the daughter of one of our great producers here.
6:39 am
and, yeah, our producer in the booth right now. telling me to move on. >> and next, if your girl don't want to be the princess, she can be the evil queen. party city, and pink and purple details and a collar. >> how do you feel? you do you like that? (laughter) >> . >> clayton: would you rather be a princess or a dark queen? >> princess, oh, this is a turn for you. >> you get to be dark. >> and have some fun for halloween. >> and next up, adorable, she's our sweet little buzzy bee. turn around, virginia, everyone can see how cute you look, this is from wal-mart, and it's about $23. and she's got the cute little tutu on and of course, wings and the little enten nas.
6:40 am
very sweet. >> and she's ready to buzz around the neighborhood. >> just like honey. >> and the dogs go with you. >> it's not just for kids. you've got to dress up the pets, too, and here are our dogs, this is mattingly who is a bumblebee. >> you take ott dogs out. i wonder how much trick-or-treat handy they could get. >> a costume from wal-mart. >> what's the name of the depositing. >> mattingly. >> and fight to put him in that? >>le he will do anything tore treats. >> clayton: he wants to hang out on tv. and this is our dachshund of course, got to be a hot dog, right. >> clayton: you saw him walking down the hallway, adorable. >> this is from wal-mart, $8 and it's adorable. >> how does it strap on, and around the bottom there and
6:41 am
keeps him warn. our thanks to wal-mart and pa party city and disney store, oh, we have one more. >> this is edgar, our little caterpillar. >> that is adorable. so you put-- that's a caterpillar and he doesn't want the hood on, i guess. >> and who wouldn't want these guys. >> is that a chihuahua. >> clayton: all right. thank you guys so much, thanks to lori richmond and the great costume ideas and thanks to wal-mart. come on out, guys, come out, guys, and the most adorable-- >> a looks like you got the candy a couple of days earlier. >> clayton: alisyn, are you prepared, either of you prepared with costumes. >> we want them over here, we want them. the best, make us feel great. >> alisyn: yeah, and make us hungry. you have some great
6:42 am
suggestions and thanks, kids. the latest gdp report shows our nation's economy is growing a mere 2% and you can thank that anemic growth on government spending. ♪ who lets the dogs out, who, who, who ♪ ♪ who let the dogs out, who, who, who, who ♪ ♪ who let the dogs out to compete on the global stage. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university, we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone is ready with the know-how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at ♪
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>> some very mixed signals following yesterday's gdp report and the white house says it's a sign the president's policies are working. the republican nominee, mitt romney has a different take on it. >> today we received by the way, the latest round of discouraging economic news. last quarter our economy grew at just 2%. after the stimulus was passed the white house promised that the economy would now be growing at 4.3%, over twice as fast. slow economic growth means
6:46 am
slow job growth and declining take home pay. what's that four years of president obama's policies have produced. americans are ready for change, for growth for jobs, for more take home pay and we're going to bring it to them. >> so, will this arguably weak report hurt the president's election chances with only ten days to go? joining us now from the fox business network, is our maven lori rothman. >> thank you. >> why is the gdp important to the election? >> that's a great question to start out with. gdp, gross domestic product, expansion or contraction in the u.s. economy. right now 2% expansion pace, important to keep in mind. gdp is measured three times in the-- >> why hasn't it green. expected 1.8 and picked up 2/10 of 1% and some of the president's people say, oh, this is huge. >> the the economy is growing, but it's because largely of government spending. defense spending in
6:47 am
particular. compared to the second quarter spending. government spending fuelly declined in the second quarter and the third quarter according to this report released last week, it's just considerably, 9.6% increase of government spending. >> the gdp, gross domestic product, has been pumped up because the government has been dumping a lot of money into a lot of things, including newer spending on defense? >> yes, pumping money that you and i as taxpayers are contributing to paying to the federal government. so it's unfewinfuriating. a 16 trillion dollar national debt. so, it's our monetary policy, fiscal policy, that is in such debate right now and this is a perfect example of why we've really got to rein it in. when we talk about the gdp, it's kind after discrete number. it doesn't take into account the fact that the last 52 days, our debt has risen by 208 billion dollars, spending at the rate of 4 billion
6:48 am
dollars in debt a day. >> right. >> so, with just a single number is a snapshot. >> it's a snapshot, but, again, because they measure it so often throughout the year, three times either quarter, it's the best gauge of whether weiss' in expansion or contraction and what's key we're expanding, but not nearly enough for a full driving economy and back again to unemployment which is below 8% and the president by the way has been touting that, but at 7.8% unemployment, it's still double unemployment what it should be for full employment and not a-- >> and 7.8%, we know in september, there are about 1300 so-called mass layoff actions where companies are notifying the federal government that they are going to layoff about 122,000 workers, so there seems to be a discontact. the gdp may be up, but a lot of the other leading indicators seem to be off. >> it's the take away for the broader economy. >> yes. >> all right, is that it stinks, that's about as eloquent as i can put it for you.
6:49 am
>> unfortunately. >> one last thing here, the jobs report on friday, this is key, a couple of days before the election is going to give us our october gauge and with so-- we're in a-- >> the for the month of september, okay. >> it's important because it's going to be before the election. >> lori rothman come back and good to see you. hurricane sandy regaining hurricane strength this morning and it's headed right for our east coast in new york, too, word south and you can actually-- the predecessor of that would be a the perform storm, a hit back in 1991. up next, we're going to ask the man who studies storms like this about what we can expect. so how this is like the 1991 perfect storm. first, check in with your colleague neil cavuto with a look what's coming up on the cost of freedom business. >> hey, guys, good morning to you, ten days out the stakes for the economy couldn't be higher. just this week alone we saw major companies slashing jobs.
6:50 am
will it be the president's plan or mitt romney's plan that ultimately gets america working again. we're on it and as we rack up the iou's from china, they say it's time to show the chinese tough love and his plan to attack the debt enough. and all of that to kick the u.n. out and cut the cash off over something it will be doing election day. it's coming up at the top of the hour. e her everything. [ whistles ] three words dad, e-trade financial consultants. they'll hook you up with a solid plan. wa-- wa-- wait a minute; bobby? bobby! what are you doing man? i'm speed dating! [ male announcer ] get investing advice for your family at e-trade.
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6:53 am
>> welcome back, super storm, sandy, could actually outdo its predecessor in the perfect storm for the early '90s. back then the perfect storm battered the coast of new england and three weather systems collided for a 120 mile per hour winds and 100 foot waves made famous in the
6:54 am
movie "the perfect storm" you're seeing here. >>. >> rick: that was around the same time in 1991, halloween. and a man who talked to many survivors, the author, "a storm too soon" his new book. and when you start today hear there was another potential storm, and what was your first thought? >> besides the perfect storm, i also thought this storm reminded me a bit of the blizzard of '78, where it's a coastal storm, and we might get a one-two punch with the storm surge along the coast, but also inland, instead of snow, this time we're going to get deluged with rain. >> clayton: is there a common threat that runs through the storms that you've covered? it seems like in some of your writings and work, a lot of the people didn't know the storms were coming or heeded the warnings. but as rick has been reporting, we see where it's headed.
6:55 am
>> yeah, that's the one big difference. in my book "fatal forecast" for example, the weather forecast was incorrect and this was a very sudden storm, that strengthened over the ocean. and whereas, in sandy, we've got plenty of warning, so there should be no ships out at sea. >> rick: and that's very important, a lot of storms like the perfect storms, ones that happen quickly, lives lost out to sea and boston, massachusetts that lost the big boat and all of the fishermen out there. do you know from talking with any of your contacts that there are no ships out there that are going to be in harm's way? >> well, i don't know, but i think the coast guard has alerted every ship it can. they even do flights over the ocean, announcing by radio to seek shelter. the one concern i have with sandy is similar to what happened in "a storm too soon" my new book. when sandy crosses the gulf
6:56 am
stream, it's going to explode and energize and pick up the warmth and moisture from the gulf stream, that's what i'm concerned about. >> clayton: the book you're referring to is called "a storm too soon" a storm basically they knew there would be a little bit of bad, but, but didn't realize 70 foot waves and incredible issues that it did. appreciate you joining us, check out the interesting history on these storms. thanks. >> thank you. >> more "fox & friends" in two minutes. where others fail, droid powers through.
6:57 am
introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does.
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6:59 am
>> coming up tomorrow on the show. a 12-year-old who shot an intruder will join us live. >> and congressman mike kelly, the continuing libyan investigation as it unfolds and so much more on the storm and where sandy will be by tomorrow. >> and chris wallace will be here. >> and we watch the show. >> thank you for filling in for dave today. >> delighted. great to see you. >> with more from the world series, don't forget to catch it at 8:07

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